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The Scoop From Summer Camp: 14 (Awesome) Letters Home

Jun 18 2014 - 2:11pm

Camp season is upon us, and as every parent who's shipped off a child for a week, a month, or more, knows, there's nothing more exciting than getting a letter home in the mail. And that's because kids don't just say the darnedest things, they write them, too. Here, 14 of our favorite letters from campers to their doting parents — from the sentimental and sweet to the hysterical to the bold and blunt.

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If this doesn't melt mama's heart, what will!?

Source: Instagram user lmnop [2]

It's All an Illusion


Source: Instagram user mallorinamadness [3]

Even Seven Pukes Can't Ruin This Kid's Day

He enjoyed it . . . "thourely."

Source: Instagram user smokeyjill [4]

Send Cash!

Let's get to the point, parents.

Source: Instagram user christybourns [5]

Maybe Cool It on the Push Pops?

At least it didn't get on his pillow . . .

Source: Hairpin Turns Ahead [6]

John's No-Good, Very Bad Day

Source: Instagram user rcconnell [7]

All Is Right in the World

And she'll even come back soon!

Source: Instagram user regardingolivia [8]

On the Up and Up!

With that rash gone, the world is his oyster.

Source: Instagram user analear [9]

What Is Going On Here!?

She's confused, but she's adapting.

Source: Instagram user shanmarie0628 [10]

A Relic


Source: Instagram user holleeewoodworld [11]

This Just In

You can light farts on fire. Just sayin'.

Source: Hairpin Turns Ahead [12]


So, she seems to be really enjoying herself . . .

Source: Instagram user allthingsjustso [13]

. . . And He Cannot Lie!

A bit graphic, no?

Source: Instagram user alexiswolfer [14]

It's Morris Code

Actually, never mind . . .

Source: Instagram user ivyfo [15]

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