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10 Reasons to Consider a Low-Key Birthday Party

Mar 25 2014 - 1:03pm

Stressing about what to plan for your child's next birthday? Hats off to you if you're thinking about planning a polished party filled with Pinterest perfection. But if that's just not your style this year (or ever), that is more than OK. Over-the-top parties are not for everyone, and here are a few good reasons you might consider a low-key party for your child this year.

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Save Some Dough

There is no way around it: big celebrations can be quite costly. Don't feel bad if you can't afford or just simply don't want to spend a small fortune on your tot's party. Keeping it low key will also keep some cash in your bank account — and teaching your child the value of a dollar never hurt either.

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Skip the Overstimulation

Big parties can be extremely overstimulating, especially for younger tots or quieter children. Skipping all the excitement (and sugar) also means skipping the inevitable meltdown.

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Skip the Stress

Moms can get caught up in the details of creating the perfect party, which makes for a very stressful day. Skip the big bash and the stress that comes along with it so you can focus on what really matters — your baby!

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Simple Can Be Better

Most kids are superexcited about three things: having the "Happy Birthday" song sung to them, the cake, and a present. Everything else is just extra!

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Enjoy Quality Family Time

Having a small family party can be a great way to reconnect and remember what the day is really all about: celebrating the day another precious addition was added to your brood.

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You Can Still Plan a Special Day

Just because you are not throwing a Pinterest-worthy bash for your child doesn't mean your birthday boy or girl won't have a special and memorable day. A family trip to the zoo, a picnic in the park, or even a trip to visit Grandma can create meaningful memories to last a lifetime.

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Your Friends Are Sick of Parties

Worried that having a low-key party (or none at all) will offend your mommy pals? Don't be! Chances are they'll be happy not to have another event to cart their own kiddos to.

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Skip on Overindulgence

Kids can be blinded by the giant pile of presents screaming their name, and everything we've worked so hard to instill in our tots (not being selfish, being thankful for what we have, not always needing more, etc.) can get thrown out with the trash. A small party with a present (or two) can keep values in line with what you've preached all year long.

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Avoid the Invite Drama

It can be quite stressful navigating the politics of birthday party invites. Low-key parties skip the drama of figuring out who makes the cut and who doesn't.

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Save Time With Thank You Cards

Thank you cards can be just as trying as the party itself. Younger children are not capable of writing thank you cards on their own (or even at all), which means Mama usually ends up knocking them out. A low-key party usually means fewer obligatory thank you notes, which also gives the opportunity to teach the real value of a good note of thanks.

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