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8 Fun (and Educational) Map Finds Just in Time For the Olympics!

Jul 11 2012 - 9:26am

With Independence Day [1] behind us and the Olympic [2] trials already dominating Summer [3] television, it's definitely a patriotic time of year. Beyond some great opportunities for flag-waving and pro-USA cheering, this is also a great time to teach your kids a thing or two about the world, starting with where people live. Whether you want to keep it all about America or go global, the following eight maps will not only look cool on your kids' walls and in their toy chests, but they're also a great way to inspire a little geography lesson!

What a Wonderful World Map ($99)

Land of Nod's silkscreened, hand-printed map [4] (available in three color combos) features country and city names, labeled oceans, latitude and longitude lines, and a decorative compass.

Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Map of the USA (Free)

Mr. Printable just created this large printable puzzle map [5] of the USA. You'll also find a tutorial and template for cute flags ("I was born here," "Uncle lives here") to add some family history into the fun.

All Over the Map Floor Puzzle ($17)

Teach your kids about continents, landmarks, bodies of water, and more with illustrator Kaori Watanabe's map floor puzzle [6]. Made of high-quality laminated chipboard, the puzzle comes with 24 jumbo pieces housed in a box with a rope handle.

Jumbo World Map Mural ($199)

Pottery Barn Kids' dry-erase topographical map mural [7] is 13 feet wide and almost nine feet high. The eight panels feature all the world's continents and oceans, and the dry-erase surface lets your kids mark places they’ve been or would like to go or places they're learning about during the Olympics.

DIY Travel Map Bulletin Board (Free)

Check out Lil Blue Boo's instructions [8] on how to make your own map bulletin board. It's an awesome way for your kids to track their travels.

Source: Lil Blue Boo [9]

USA Map Art Print ($20)

Etsy's The Pixel Prince created this cute illustrated United States map [10], which will help your kids remember state names and locations.

World Map Onesie ($14)

Etsy's Uzume, created by a husband-and-wife team in Texas, makes these hand-silkscreen-printed, 100 percent cotton map onesies [11] (the print is also available on t-shirts). Think of it as a very early intro to geography.

USA Scratch Map ($24)

This innovative poster-sized map [12] of the United States is printed with red, white, and blue scratch-off paint that reveals pops of bright red when you rub states or cities you've visited with the edge of a coin. Your kids will love tracking their travels through the years.

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