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5 Fun Facts About Matthew McConaughey's Family

Dec 18 2010 - 10:55pm

Food binds a family and tonight Matthew McConaughey [1] bonded with Guy Fieri as the two dads chatted about their children and cooked up a feast on the Food Network [2]. During the hour long episode of Guy's Big Bite [3], the cook and movie star traded stories and sipped on cocktails. Check out what McConaughey family fun facts were revealed.

Courtesy of Food Network [4]

J.K. Livin

Matthew started his Just Keep Livin [5] — his motto, website, production company, and foundation — as a way to deal with the death of his father. He said:

"Um, but I was doing the same thing most people do, 'cause you try to deal with someone's death the best you can after they move on, and so I was going through, how do I keep a relationship with my father since he's physically moved on? And that's where just keep livin' came from. Even though he's gone, spiritually, someone can still be with ya, you can still remember who they are, have conversations with 'em, be inspired by 'em as you go through your own life, even though they're not physically here anymore."

Courtesy of Food Network [6]

Music Man

The infamous 1999 naked bongo incident hasn't deterred Matthew from playing. The actor still drums at family dinners. But unlike Guy, he takes his "bling" off before making music. He said:

"It's a good way to work off the meal, man."

Courtesy of Food Network [7]

What His Kids Call Him

He's Matthew to the masses, but papai to his son. Levi, 2, calls his father "papai", a Brazilian term of endearment for daddy.

Courtesy of Food Network [8]

Where's the Beef?

When it comes to barbecuing, Levi likes to assist and the tot doesn't use the term "beef". Mathew explained:

"'Mama, Vovó, Papai and Levi say it's time to put the cow won the fire,' and I was like, but how great that he's learning both cultures and really getting the full experience."

Courtesy of Food Network [9]

Levi Loves Motorcycles

Levi may have a need for speed. Matthew said:

"He came down on the film set the other day, and, uh, his big thing is — we had a scene with a bunch of Harleys — and he went crazy on the motorcycles, so that's been his big thing for the last two month — 'papai, Levi want to make a movie about a motorcycle'."

Courtesy of Food Network [10]

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