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10 Milestones to Celebrate During Baby's First 6 Weeks

Apr 10 2012 - 2:12pm

It's party time! Throughout her pregnancy, mama celebrated little milestones on her journey to meeting her tot — feeling a first flutter, seeing a first kick, etc. Once her lil one enters the world, there are endless markers to observe — each worthy of its own mini celebration. Here are 10 milestones worthy of smiling about during your baby's first six weeks.

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Baby Meets Mom and Dad

Nothing is sweeter than capturing baby locking eyes with mom or dad for the first time. Newborns can only see about a foot in front of them, so hold your baby close while someone snaps the moment.

First Family Picture

It's an important moment to look back on, and all grown-up kids look forward to seeing a record of the first family photo.

Baby Turns His Head Toward Your Voice

They say babies begin to recognize their mother's voice in the womb, but at some point in his first six weeks after birth, he'll begin turning his head [2] when he hears his mama speak.

Source: Flickr User NickWeiler [3]

Baby Holds Her Head Up

Sometime in a baby's first six weeks, she'll begin to hold her head up [4] on her own. It may only last for a few seconds, but it will demonstrate to mama that her neck muscles are growing stronger every day.

Source: Flickr User Scott & Elaine van der Chijs [5]

Umbilical Stump Falls Off

The umbilical stump usually falls off in baby's first two weeks [6]. Once it does, mama can give her lil one a bath, can diaper without extra care, and can start using all of those adorable clothes she's received as gifts!

Baby Changes Facial Expressions

At even 6 weeks old, a baby can develop sound and music preferences [7]. Sing varied lullabies and watch how your baby reacts. You'll notice that baby will communicate his favorites with gestures and facial expressions.

Baby Gnaws on Fist

Baby gnawing on her fists might be the sweetest and funniest action you'll capture in the first six weeks. As baby develops her motor skills, chewing fingers and fists is her way to explore and discover something new and different.

Baby's First Real Smile

You may have seen your lil one smile while you were still in the hospital, but the nurses (and your own mother) most likely told you it was gas. When your tot gives you a smile for the first time [8], you'll know it — and you'll celebrate it!

Source: Flickr User Upsilon Andromedae [9]

Baby Sleeping For an 8-Hour Stretch

Everybody has a different philosophy on what sleeping through the night [10] really means. But the first time your tot sleeps (at night!) for an eight-hour stretch is cause for celebration!

Source: Flickr User owlpacino [11]

Mom and Dad's First Date Night

It might only be for a bite at the closest fast-food outlet to your home, but the first time mama and dad are willing to leave their newborn with another person and take an hour for themselves will feel like an entire evening of celebration!

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