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Real Mom Gift Guide: All Milkmakers' Emily Kane Wants For the Holidays Is . . .

Dec 14 2012 - 9:04am

Emily Kane once confronted the same issue many mamas face when they return to work after the birth of a child. Though she was pumping, she was frustrated that she couldn't seem to keep up her milk supply. The Seattle-based mom had heard old wives' tales about lactation cookies helping with milk production, so she put on her apron and got to work creating a recipe that not only increased her milk supply, but tasted great too. Six years later, Emily's recipe is helping moms across the nation continue to breastfeed their babies while keeping them well-nourished at the same time (the cookies are more than simply tasty — they're also healthy) with her Milkmakers lactation cookies [1] that are sold online and in retail stores.

The mom of three is used to thinking about her kids and clients, but for the holiday season, we asked her to think about herself for a moment and tell us what she'd like to find under the tree. "I can't remember the last time I made an official Christmas wish list for myself," she said. "[It's] pretty fun!" Keep reading to see what Emily picked!

Gold Hoop Earrings

"I will wear them every day (when I'm not wearing my silver ones!)."

Source: Ippolita [2]

Rubber Boots by ILSE Jacobsen Hornbaek

"I do live in Seattle — need I say more?"

Source: Ilse Jacobsen [3]

Fran's Chocolates Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels

"Mmmm . . . just a little indulgence that I rarely buy for myself!"

Source: Fran's Chocolates [4]

Brooks PureConnect Running Shoes

"Best runners I ever had. I love them and need to replace my current pair."

Source: Brooks PureConnect Running Shoes [5]

Homemade Cards

"Whatever precious items my three children make at school along with their homemade cards — there is not a more perfect gift than that!"

Source: Flickr user laurenmanning [6]

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