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Retro Wooden Puzzles as Educational as They Are Cool

Aug 7 2012 - 3:16am

Who says educational toys have to be boring? Not only are these puzzles fun to look at, but also, they teach tots a thing or two. With great retro detail, these toys may seem like old-school classics, but they are actually modern creations lovingly made with your tot's development [1] in mind. From traditional flat puzzles to fun 3D teasers, your child will enjoy figuring out how to put these toys together — as well as take them apart.

DwellStudio Wooden Puzzle ($14)

A classic wooden puzzle [2] from DwellStudio that combines style and education, this toy is perfect for beginner puzzlers as well as adults who love vibrant colors and cool design.

BeginAgain Cat Family Puzzle ($13)

Brighten your child's puzzle area with this natural wood puzzle [3] of a happy cat family. Hand-crafted and -painted, this sweet toy will have your tot enjoying arranging and rearranging the kitties!

On the Go Knob Puzzle ($10)

Here's a retro puzzle [4] that your child can enjoy anywhere. With three big block images, this toy is made from sturdy wood and has easy-to-grip knobs that allow your tot to try fitting the pieces at just the right angle.

Wooden Puzzle Dinosaur ($10)

Here's a classic puzzle [5] from Etsy shop Art Gift Store that encourages your child's concentration skills. Once the puzzle has been mastered, this cool toy makes a wonderful room adornment.

Basic Shapes Puzzle ($24)

From Etsy shop Manzanita Kids, this very basic beginning puzzle [6] is beautiful as well as educational. With classic design and lots of style, this handmade wooden puzzle is made just for little ones.

Wooden Puzzle Blocks ($22)

Perfect for little ones just figuring things out, these wooden blocks [7] feature drawings on one side and patterns on the others, perfect for your child to mix and match.

3D Elephant Puzzle ($18)

Not only is this puzzle [8] fun to look at, but it's also great for encouraging your child's development. Stack together the pieces while flat on a table or try building upright.

P'kolino Multi-Solution Owl Puzzle ($18)

Here's a puzzle [9] that encourages reasoning skills as well as fine motor skills [10]. With a fun, modern design, this update of the classic puzzle is perfect for little hands.

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