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Mom Advice We Don't Follow

What Moms Tell Kids to Do, but Don't Do Themselves

As a mom, you're always telling your children what to do and when to do it. Between asking them to clean their rooms for the third time or telling them to wash their hands, it's easy to think of yourself as the household drill sergeant. While you try to follow that advice, it's easy to slip up when it comes to the less important tasks of life. Check out a few of things we always say to our kids, but may not always do ourselves.

Brush your teeth before bed.

We're lucky if we can do it before work.

Go to sleep early.

How else would we catch up on our DVR?

See more mommy advice that we tend to ignore.

Don't sit so close to the screen.

The smaller the iPad, the closer we get.

Eat your veggies.

Ketchup counts too, right?

Don't eat off the floor.

The five-second rule doesn't apply to busy moms.

Don't spoil your appetite!

No mom can pass up a midday treat.

Drink your milk.

Who needs strong bones at this age?

Don't lick the bowl.

After a long day making cookies for a bake sale, you may need a treat.

Don't drink from the carton!

Or in our case, the wine bottle.

Source: Someecards
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