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Mom-Me Time: Get Involved in LilSugar's Community Groups!

Mom-Me Time: Get Involved in LilSugar's Community Groups!

You've waited in line for your son's soccer jersey, penciled your daughter's art classes onto the calendar, and shuttled your kids to karate. Now that their Fall activities are in full swing, take a few mom-me moments to do the same for yourself. LilSugar's Community offers a place for mothers to hang out, vent, brainstorm, and showcase their talents. What fits your fancy? Check out and join some of our hottest groups!

  • The Children's Table: Whether you've got kids with pint-sized palates that appreciate culinary cuisine or children that only eat chicken nuggets and french fries, share your recipes, tips and tricks.
  • The Mommy Club: If you have an offspring, you're eligible for this club where moms can chat about everything from the terrible twos to sleep deprivation to those ah-ha! moments.
  • Pregnancy Posse: Congratulations — you're expecting! Connect with all the other mamas growing babies in their bellies. Share your experience, ask questions, and dole out advice to the rest of the bumpalicious ladies.
  • Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me?: Tell us your shocking, funny, embarrassing, and insightful tales that you wish you had known becoming a mother!
  • Sugarbabies: Parents love to dote on their lil darlings. Showcase your beautiful bundle of joy by uploading their fun, fabulous, candid, and adorable pics! And, go ahead — brag a bit!
  • Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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