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We've All Been There: Hilarious Mom Pinterest Fails

Apr 30 2014 - 6:43am

It's an all-too-common scene: you see an idea on Pinterest that you just have to re-create, except the finished product looks nothing like what you envisioned. The bright side is that it makes a good story to tell (or, in this case, a good picture to share) because every single mom has been there, done that. Read on to check out self-proclaimed #PinterestFails from moms on Instagram that will make you feel better about that one time you too botched your kid's birthday cake.

Source: Instagram user emilygal [1]

When you try to re-create an Up-inspired photo, but your sick and tired baby crosses paths with high winds and popping balloons.

Source: Instagram user gabemetzger [2]

When you try to make one of those cute mural meals, but no one can figure out what it is supposed to be!

Source: Instagram user lalahh07 [3]

When your birthday pancakes look cute but taste awful.

Source: Instagram user jennfoster22 [4]

When you try to create marshmallow Olafs, but they don't really turn out looking like much of anything.

Source: Instagram user beckiek [5]

When you try to make shaving cream Easter eggs, but it just turns into a colorful shaving cream mess.

Source: Instagram user erinbuie [6]

When your toddler likes colored water so much, he turns your kitchen into a green skating rink.

Source: Instagram user dani920 [7]

When your kids' crafting fail is actually really cute.

Source: Instagram user babybert [8]

When you try to make a handprint-in-handprint image, but you just end up with a bunch of pages of handprints.

Source: Instagram user ddeparis [9]

When you're proud of yourself for doing the picture-in-a-picture idea only to realize later that she's holding her sister's baby photo instead of hers.

Source: Instagram user mmkenison [10]

When you try to re-create your pregnancy photo that compares your baby to the size of a pineapple, but he is too big.

Source: Instagram user corijensen79 [11]

When you spend hours re-creating a water blob you saw on Pinterest, but your kids make a hole in it after five minutes and it collapses.

Source: Instagram user wgantt1309 [12]

When you try to make colored Play-Dough, but you get a quiche look-alike.

Source: Instagram user cyn_de [13]

When cute edible monsters actually become a scary sight.

Source: Instagram user amandawphoto [14]

When you try to make Mickey and Minnie pancakes, but they just look like bears.

Source: Instagram user sabrine_marie [15]

When you try to re-create a tongue-in-cheek picture, and your child will have nothing to do with it.

Source: Instagram user samanthatalleyholmes [16]

When you try to pull an April Fools' Day prank on your kids, but they're so freaked out by the colored milk that they refuse to drink it.

Source: Instagram user purposeblog [17]

When you try to take a cute Easter bunny picture, but you just get adorable rolls and more rolls.

Source: Instagram user rachel__elder [18]

When putty was the goal, but it looks like milk instead.

Source: Instagram user itsnotsusan [19]

When she was supposed to stick the puff balls and pipe cleaners onto the contact paper on the door but had other plans instead.

Source: Instagram user

When your daughter expects an Elmo cake for her second birthday, but she gets a pink blob instead.

Source: Instagram user jackfossett [21]

When you envision cute Oreo pops for your daughter's Minnie Mouse party, but they end up looking like a child made them.

Source: Instagram user alyssalzukowski [22]

When you try to make goo at home, only to end up staining your kids' hands pink.

Source: Instagram user clackore [23]

When you try to hide your baby in a basket filled with Easter eggs, and your baby is hiding on his own.

Source: Instagram user kclaidman [24]

When you DIY [25] a Minnie Mouse bean bag toss, but the kids think it's a rabbit.

Source: Instagram user emily3883 [26]

When the pumpkin picture opp you envisioned turns into a cry fest with seven babies.

Source: Instagram user jillmawer [27]

When you try to celebrate your baby's birthday with a crib filled with balloons, and all she can do is cry!

Source: Instagram user emilygal [28]

When he tastes the edible Play-Dough and makes that face.

Source: Instagram user abbiechristina [29]

When you take pictures every month of your baby with the same stuffed animal to measure his growth, but at 6 months, he refuses to sit still.

Source: Instagram user maryorganizes [30]

When you get excited about teddy bear toast, but your daughter says you failed.

Source: Instagram user beccruz [31]

When you try to make sombrero cookies for Cinco de Mayo and your kids tell you they look like boobs.

Source: Instagram user hlpatterson [32]

When you make a water play activity for your kids and the dog starts drinking the water.

Source: Instagram user ewbabyberry [33]

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