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Mommy Dearest: Pregnancy Etiquette

Mommy Dearest,

My friends are clueless and in need of some pregnancy etiquette. I am due in one month and they expect me to have dinner at 9 p.m. I can't think of a worse time!

Then, people cancel at the last minute on dinners that have been planned for weeks. My social life is dwindling and they're messing with it. At this point, I need bow downs, not hassles!

– Pregnant Princess

For Mommy Dearest's answer

Pregnant Princess,

I'm empathetic to your dilemma. Your friends should try to understand that late dinners are not your forte and that canceling on you without notice is a bum deal.

So my advice on how to deal with the nincompoops who stick you in these jams is to reserve dinner plans in the last month of pregnancy for your closest friends. They might be the only people you want to see when you're as big as a house with cankles anyhow. More importantly, if your best friends suggest dining late, you can honestly tell them that you prefer an early reservation.

Once you set a date, tell your friends that you'd appreciate a couple days notice if they need to cancel so you can make alternate plans. After all, your "adult only" days are numbered.

But, be careful not to become too much of a diva. Being nine months pregnant may have you feeling less than fired up for dinner and you might be the one to cancel.

- Mommy Dearest

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