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The 13 Moms You Meet at the Grocery Store

Aug 23 2016 - 2:55pm

For some, there is no greater joy than wandering up and down the aisles of their local grocery store. But add a child to that picture and it's an entirely different experience. While it's highly unlikely that you'll run into the future Queen of England at your local supermarket (but hey, you never know!), there are some other personalities you're sure to see. From the mom who's oblivious to what her tot is throwing into the cart to the one who is just there for the samples, read on to see the moms you're likely to find at your local store, Target, and even Costco.

The Stealth Shopper

She has a list in her hand, knows the lay of the land, and is set on getting in and out in record time. In fact, check her phone, and she may have her timer set to see if she can beat her last trip through the store.

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The Oblivious Mom

She's so busy chatting on her phone and trying to navigate the aisles that she doesn't even realize that her kids are pushing the grocery cart right into a product display.

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The Pleaser

She'll do anything to avoid a temper tantrum in aisle three. So you can expect this mom to be willing to open the package of cookies, offer her tot a squeeze pack of anything, or even take a trip down the candy aisle to avoid the dreaded meltdown.

The Lurker

She really didn't need to get anything at the store, but she needed some time off, so you'll find "the lurker" sneaking in a little extra time to talk on the phone, read a magazine, or simply catch up on her ZZZs in the parking lot while her partner's at home tending to the kids.

The Purger

She's so busy concentrating on which products she's buying, she doesn't realize just how much her kid has put in the cart until she's in the check-out line. Then, watch out, because there's a good chance she's leaving most of those items behind.

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The Scatterbrain

She tends to be a new mom, who is functioning on only a few hours of sleep — at most. This is probably her third trip to the store today because she keeps forgetting one item.

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The Coupon Queen

We admire this mom's ability to score a good deal, but we hate how long she takes at check out.

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The Sampler

Follow this mom around Costco on a Saturday afternoon and she's got it all figured out — she knows which samples come out when and times it perfectly so she can have an entire meal made out of samples.

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The Teacher

We're not quite sure where this mom finds the energy, but she turns everything into a learning experience — even the aisles of the grocery store. She makes the apples sing songs, has her kids counting the varieties of tomatoes, and more! We wish we were that creative!

Source: A&E [7]

The Copycat

She doesn't need to come with a grocery list because she's eyeing everything in your cart and wants to know which aisle you found it in, is it good, did your kids like it, etc.

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The Escapist

It is 10 p.m. on a Friday and this mom is grocery shopping . . . by herself . . . and she is thrilled! It's her first moment to herself in days, and she's going to milk it for all it's worth! Hello bakery! Hello coffee cart! Hello wine aisle!

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The Reader

You might find a magnifying glass in this mom's purse, because she's not going to let one speck of non-organic, unhealthy ingredients enter her child's body. She's reading through a product's ingredient list like the Inspector General, so her kids best not try to sneak anything into the cart.

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And, Especially For Target: The Price Is Right Mom

She goes in to buy three things, and only three things. But before she knows it her cart is filled to the brim. Now it becomes a game. Can she get out for under $100? You can spot this mom because she's hanging on every word the cashier says as they ring her up.

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