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The 9 Moms You Meet on the First Day of School

Jul 30 2016 - 10:02am

The first day of the school year is a trying time — and not just for the kids who are entering a new classroom. For parents, it means possibly starting a new school, meeting fellow moms and dads, and navigating PTA politics. It's the parents you meet in the drop-off line and in the hallways that make the biggest impression on the kids.

Here, with a little comedic license, a look at the moms you'll meet on that first day. Just remember — you have a whole year to spend with these families!

The Waterworks

Whether it's her first child or her last, the waterworks mom just can't stop the tears from spilling. Cut her some slack, hand her some tissues, and remind her that it's going to be a great year!

The Politician

She's either the president of the PTA or wants to be. The politician mom is there with a big smile on her face, a clipboard in her hand, and sign-up sheets awaiting volunteers. She may even give you a cupcake for signing up!

The Heathers

These moms already have their own little clique and aren't really looking to make new friends. Don't even try to ease your way in.

The Chauffeur

She happily drives the kids to school, but she doesn't enter the building. You'll see her waving from the driver's seat.

The Annie Leibovitz

Say cheese! The Annie Leibovitz mom has her camera, or smartphone, at the ready because she isn't going to miss a shot of her baby's first day of school. She might hold up the line as she sets up the perfect shot of her little one walking into the classroom, meeting his teacher, hanging up his bag, and more, but she'll have an album worth of photos to look back on forever.

The Bartender

This mom is just waiting for the classroom door to close so she can pop the Champagne to celebrate the kids being back in school. You can spot her because most of the moms are following her around like the pied piper! (Note: This mom really does exist. When I was a schoolgirl, she came to the bus stop with Champagne and strawberries for all of the parents. When the bus doors closed, you could hear the cork pop.)

The Defeated Mom

She's got an army of kids (each in a different class) and just can't keep them all straight. Between all of the kids and their supplies, she's just holding it together long enough to get the right kid to the right class with the right bag. Be sure to offer this mom a hand!

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The Teacher's Pet

You'll recognize this mom from day one. She's attached to the teacher's hip, asking if there's anything she can do, any way she can help, any worksheets that need ripping out from the workbook, etc. And while she seems like a real helper, all she really wants is a few extra moments in the classroom.

Source: TriStar [6]

Braggy Betty

She has an older child in the school, so she knows EVERYTHING — and she's not afraid to let you know it! She knows how the principal likes her coffee, the best way to get to the cafeteria, how to get on the PTA president's good side. And even if she doesn't, she'll tell you she does!

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