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A Whimsical Mother's Day Party With Sweet Treats

May 6 2014 - 4:32am

"I am so grateful for my amazing mom," says Mercedes Papalia of Darling and Daisy [1]. "She has given me everything, from the best relationship advice and cooking skills to tons of creative talents and some pretty darn good genetics (if I say so myself!). When Mother's Day [2] rolls around, I like to find new ways to say 'thank you, Mom.'" We think Mercedes did a pretty amazing job with this whimsical bash, full of her mother's favorite treats combined with Spring-celebratory decor. We can't pick a favorite from the thoughtful details. Birdhouse cake displays? Terra-cotta cupcake holders? Everything is beyond cute and would work equally well for a baby shower [3] or little girl's birthday party [4]. Keep clicking to check out this stylish, delicious Mother's Day party!

Source: Darling and Daisy [5]

Mother's Day Whimsy

"The party was inspired by Spring gardens," Mercedes says. "We live in Ottawa, Canada, so any signs of the cold winter leaving makes us very happy, and warm weather is always a reason to celebrate."

Source: Darling and Daisy [6]

Made For Mom

A sign for the day's guest of honor.

Source: Darling and Daisy [7]

Spring Ahead

"This table was designed with all the hard-working, beautiful mamas out there," Mercedes says. "We included some of mom's favorite treats and a few of her own famous recipes." On the right, vanilla cupcakes were displayed in terra-cotta holders.

Source: Darling and Daisy [8]

Put a Bird on It

Homemade lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.

Source: Darling and Daisy [9]

Getting Cage-y

Mercedes made the butter tarts and displayed them in a yellow birdcage. A sweet pink birdcage also hung in a display.

Source: Darling and Daisy [10]

Pie Poppin'

"My favorite element was the pie pops made from scratch with grandma's homemade dough and filling," Mercedes says.

Source: Darling and Daisy [11]

Cookies For Mom

Homemade Lofthouse-style sugar cookies.

Source: Darling and Daisy [12]

Darling Decor

A display of ducks and tulips spoke to the Spring theme.

Source: Darling and Daisy [13]

Sips and Sweets

A drink dispenser sat next to mom's favorite wafer cookies.

Source: Darling and Daisy [14]

Key to Mom's Heart

Another thoughtful detail.

Source: Darling and Daisy [15]

Sweet Love

Grandma's cherry pie pops were a big hit.

Source: Darling and Daisy [16]

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