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Mother Guilty of Attempted Murder for Son's Death

Mother Guilty of Attempted Murder for Son's Death

Mother Guilty of Attempted Murder for Son's Death

Tuesday, a jury found Kristen LaBrie, mother of an autistic boy with cancer guilty for attempted murder for withholding chemotherapy drugs that potentially could have saved his life. Her reason? She was scared that the meds were making him sicker and that his body just couldn't handle them.

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Do you think that her sentence was justified?

Image Source: Via BBC News

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TessJohnson79180 TessJohnson79180 5 years
walk a mile in that womens shoes,then feel the need to judge her,,JUDGE NOT, LEST YE BE JUDGED,
JennHutzenbiler JennHutzenbiler 5 years
If treating cancer is a choice for adults its a choice for our children too. I wish I knew more details but I don't think people should assume her intentions were bad. She may of had his best interest at heart
shannonmclaren shannonmclaren 5 years
firstly thats not all the facts and to the one who said you live longer with out...My dad went into a 10yr remission because of chemo and radiation thank you very much and he had an extremely rare brain no that is false because just like cancer everyones treatment is differnt!
CrystalBriggs CrystalBriggs 5 years
I've been on chemo myself it's hard trip after trip it took it's toll. If he had that good of a success rate she should have gave it to him! How as a mother could you not want to help your child?
JenniferThompson2251 JenniferThompson2251 5 years
I'm sorry if I offend anyone with my comment. I personally have an autistic son. And have seen a child go through cancer treatment. I would say that it would depend on how well the child handled the treatments. It's hard enough on a "normal" child. But to have an autistic hild go through this kind of chemo would be horrible. I'm just not sure.
SierraGoodin SierraGoodin 5 years
Ok I just read the full article (should have before posting)....She should be locked up for that...witholding treatment because she was depressed tired of taking care of him by herself?? Obviously it's going to make him a little sick before he gets better, it's chemo! His cure rate was 85-90% for goodness' sake, so knowing that he had that good of a chance of survival, only a person that's not thinking clearly would stop giving the medicine without telling doctors.
SierraGoodin SierraGoodin 5 years
I think the pros of giving him chemo clearly outweigh the cons: get chemo despite the side effects and increase chances of survival, or don't get chemo and inevitably die. The doctors know whether or not his body could have handled them..she should have left that decision for them to make because they know more about treatments than she does. If my child had even the slightest chance of survival, I would take the risk and do all I could to save them because I know they wouldn't want to die either.
MarshaMais MarshaMais 5 years
This hits right in the center of home for me as my oldest daughter JUST finished her leukemia treatment and has only follow ups and labs to do for the next year. If I comment any further, I'm gonna get really pissed and say some very nasty things that aren't allowed on this forum. I will only go as far as to say this: i understand the hurt that follows watching your child get worse before getting better, but that DOES NOT warrant reason to withhold life saving treatment. The steroids, the hospital trips severe weight fluctuations..and the countless prescriptions, the hair loss...all those beautiful long curls gone..... I can't say anymore ladies...I just can't. I just thank the gods every day that my little girl fought her battles and is on top..
LeeAnnRose LeeAnnRose 5 years
I understand as a mom that we want what is best for our children, but withholding something that could have saved his life is so very wrong. I have a grand child I am rasing that is autistic and no it isn't easy. I understand she more then likely had her hands full but at the same time she killed her child. She does not have the right to say who can live and who can die.
sophiabenson sophiabenson 5 years
This is a sad situation. A mother will do anything for her child and in this case that's what she was doin. She thoughtwo she made the right decision just so happen it was the wrong one. Sentencing her is just not fair. She has list her child because of a decision she made that's enough to deal with
KatyRodriguez37364 KatyRodriguez37364 5 years
Okay, I'm not really sure where I stand on this issue. I believe that none of us unless we are faced with OUR OWN child in that situation. But I do have one thing to say to those of you using the argument that the mother "withheld treatment that could've saved his life". Yes, it very well could have, but it also could have killed him faster. Some people do not survive through the chemo to make it past the cancer. I just feel like you guys that say that are making an assumption that just isn't totally true.
LuciaFlores57650 LuciaFlores57650 5 years
@ Stephanie felisme i totally agree with you. You need to be put in that position to know what you would do.
ShainaMcLaughlin ShainaMcLaughlin 5 years
I would weigh the options if i had to make this sort of decision. I suffer from a disease and the medicine that is supposed to keep it from relapsing makes me feel worse then the disease itself so I dont take anything for it. I would do the same for my child if that was the case.
StephanieFelisme StephanieFelisme 5 years
This is just sad! She thought she was doing what was right. Until we are in that situation, we cannot judge because who knows what we would do in those moments!
CeceliaMcSherry CeceliaMcSherry 5 years
Without knowing the full details of this case, I can only give my opinion based on the available information. @ Emma - You are completely incorrect in your assumption that the chemo and other meds being administered would have saved his life. Yes, it may have prolonged his suffering and time on this Earth, but his cancer may have never gone away. Having been in a situation where I had to make a decision between life and death, ending the suffering of another human being is MORE humane than forcing them to live in pain for my own selfish reasons.
TanyaCapps TanyaCapps 5 years
This is such bull crap! It has been proven that cancer patients who refuse chemo-therapy, radiation treatments, etc. actually live longer!
EmmaIngram35471 EmmaIngram35471 5 years
i agree on the sentencing of her. So yes she is a mother like many of us but witholding treatment which in the end would of saved his life is inhumane. Are we all supposed to go aww it is because she was suffering because he was Autistic and his outlook of life was poor anyway and she found it hard to cope. I have no idea what is wrong with this world!!!! she should of discussed treatment with the doctor instead of holding medicine from him. she is fully responsible for her sons death by negligence. People need to buck up their ideas and accept that people need to stop being so selfish and actually think of others than themselves.
BarbBlenkin BarbBlenkin 5 years
Thats a tough one. A lot of time, people feel a lot worse taking chemo... with the added stress of being a mother of an autistic son, I can imagine the pressure of keeping him happy and well was enormous. I could see how this pressure could make her think that maybe he was better off just giving in to the cancer. I don't agree with her actions nor do I agree with her sentence. She didn't attempt murder. She had a HUUGE judgement lapse. She should have been admitted into a psych ward perhaps.....or therapy. Hard to say. Reading only one paragraph, it's hard to really know the whole story and pass judgerment.
StephanieWilson30228 StephanieWilson30228 5 years
The days are gone when we had choices and made them for our children as guardians. When I have to make a choice on my sons behalf no one should put me in front of a jury, when that is what is required of us as parents.
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