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Mother of Septuplets Hasn't Held Them Yet

Mother of Septuplets Hasn't Held Them Yet

When each of my children was born, the doctor handed them to me right after they arrived. While I wouldn't have minded if my husband had been offered the first hold, it was that moment when my eyes connected with those of my offspring's that I will never forget. I was shocked to learn that an Egyptian mother who gave birth to septuplets over the weekend had yet to cradle them. The report said:

A day after giving birth to septuplets, a 27-year-old Egyptian woman said Sunday she's only seen her babies on television and hopes to hold them and name them soon.

A medical emergency (the mother bled during her c-section) and hospital limitations (lack of incubators to accommodate the new babies) led to this delay. Medical professionals aside, who was the first to hold your baby?

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