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A New Bedtime Story - But It's Not for the Kids

A New Bedtime Story - But It's Not for the Kids

A New Bedtime Story - But It's Not for the Kids

If profanity offends you, this definitely isn't for you. But a number of parents are finding humor in this new introduction to the bedtime bookshelf - just don't read it to your kids! Go The F*** To Sleep is written by Adam Mansbach, a Rutgers University professor and father of a toddler, as a tribute to the all-too-familiar challenges we parents face at bedtime in getting our little ones down to sleep for the night. It's not yet available, but it looks like Amazon may be taking some healthy pre-orders.

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CoMMember13608892169649 CoMMember13608892169649 5 years
Vanessa - Consider yourself lucky! My son is 9 months old and has never had colic (thank the Lord!). In fact he's a generally happy baby, but he still has his moments. There have been several nights when he wanted to play and fight me instead of sleep (naps too!) All kids are different, and just because we can't look at our kids and make them lay down and go to sleep in 2 minutes flat doesn't make us bad parents who's kids grow up to be disrespectful criminals. Nor does the fact that even though many of us do NOT tell our kids to "Go the F**K to Sleep" doesn't mean we don't think it, or some variation of it. Some of you take these things too serious. Not all of us are zombie's raising our kids as drill sergeants who show emotion. We are all human and get frustrated and push to our breaking points. If this doesn't make your boat float then fine, don't read it and go on about your business. There is no need to criticize those of us who like to stop and see the humor in bad times.
amyschwab71116 amyschwab71116 5 years
people with no sense of humor are absolutely horrible
CoMMember1363047613307 CoMMember1363047613307 5 years
Have been a single parent three times over and never had an issue with bedtime. It's a wonder that you see kids growing up disrespecting their parents when they get talked to and treated worse than animals.
lindaweeks54545 lindaweeks54545 5 years
is this book available in paper back
TerriSziber TerriSziber 5 years
I agree with Cara. I have a two year old and an 8 week old colicy baby and trust me this is deffinatly something I've said to myself a many of times.
MelodyKaelber MelodyKaelber 5 years
Too funny. I raised two of my own and now at 55 am going to be raising a newborn (daughters) again and the one thing that I keep thinking of is how am I going to do this and work full time as a teacher on NO sleep. I am sure that thought will race through my mind at 3 am when I have to get up at 5!!
CoMMember13629950048618 CoMMember13629950048618 5 years
I agree with Cara, I to had a colic baby and all she did was scream for hours on end. I myself would walk around saying would you please just go the F**K to sleep already.. Even now with my teenage boys who don't think they should have to go to bed at a certain time on schools nights, I say to them after fighting for an hour "GO THE F**K TO BED NOW"... Can not wait for this book to come out I will be sure to look for it :)
moonflower81 moonflower81 5 years
Oh my Heavens! What is all the fuss about? It's NOT for kids, and with the exception of some perfect mothers, we have all thought that at one time or another! Like someone else said, if you don't like it, don't buy it!
ShamokaCulpepper ShamokaCulpepper 5 years
I can't wait... Need to have a book sign tour
CoMMember13631150801776 CoMMember13631150801776 5 years
well i wouldn't read it to the kids obviously is too scary for them
SharleneJones SharleneJones 5 years
Look people - the intro says it for itself "if profanity offends you, this definitely isn't for you." So why don't those who find this offensive or non-humorous, just go read something else!
TimMosley TimMosley 5 years
Oh shuttup Traci! Everyone else thinks it's funny, so DEAL!
CoMMember1363097233733 CoMMember1363097233733 5 years funny I think it every night when my 2 year old keeps getting out of her bed...
LisaRoesleinMunson LisaRoesleinMunson 5 years
U know what else I think is horrible fake people who have no sense of humor and think the only thing funny is themselves! Get over yourself people! If u can read it says if you don't like profanity then it's NOT for you!
BryanNuri BryanNuri 5 years
really? this is horrible? get over yourselves. this is just putting pen to paper what many parents think during the endless negotiations that are getting kids to bed. If your children are little angels, then write a book about it! Otherwise let some of us have a laugh at our own expense!
MarybethNiccolai MarybethNiccolai 5 years
I'm dealing with a non sleeping 17 month old right now. When that lil guy looks at me at 2am and prefers to play instead of sleep, I smile and hug him but I might be thinking exactly what the books title says lol
JenniferSerranoGrygiel JenniferSerranoGrygiel 5 years
After 5-10 times of walking your child back to bed, I know I want to scream this. But I don't. I like the idea of this book and please, if this offends you, don't read the book.
LisaRoesleinMunson LisaRoesleinMunson 5 years
Horrible?! Then don't read it! I think it will be good
KristiDrouin KristiDrouin 5 years
This is immediately being added to my (very short) list of books I need to buy! On the plus side, the title automatically weeds out the pearl-clutchers, leaving more copies for those of us who parent with a more relaxed sense of humor. :)
KarinAntal KarinAntal 5 years
Relax, Traci. Let go of your pearls and laugh a little. I think it's a great idea for a book. I can't wait to read it!! :D
MeggBrigmon MeggBrigmon 5 years
I think it's hilarious too! It wouldn't be funny if it was called could you please go to sleep. I mean really, your lying if you act like you never felt that way.
AngieRodriguez AngieRodriguez 5 years
Hahahaha. Too funny. Lighten up people. It's just a book. If you're not interested then don't buy it. It's not like you're being forced to read it to kids or anything. I myself would love to read it. It's something I've said in my head plenty of times. And why the F word you ask.... Cause more people can probably relate to the title the way it is.. Cara, I'm with you on lightening the mood on something that can be extremely frustrating for parents. And I'm sorry you had to deal with a colic baby. Must have been so hard.
BrittanyEngberg BrittanyEngberg 5 years
Its hilarious!! Quit being so up tight!! Geez!
SherryRelyea SherryRelyea 5 years
isnt being a parent understanding and maturity? he couldnt call the book please go to sleep or sleep already why the f word?
CaraHopkins CaraHopkins 5 years
I think it's hilarious. When you have something that is so frustrating and causes you grief every night, what's wrong with a little humor to lighten up your mood. Like they said, it's not for children, it's for parents. We've all felt that way at some point in time. I know as the mother of a child who had colic and was up screaming for 12-14 hours straight, it would have been something that I would have read to give myself a bit of humor.
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