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A DIY Numbers-and-Letters-Themed Birthday Party

May 31 2013 - 10:16am

Stationery designer and mom Lisa Wong Jackson of Good on Paper Design [1] didn't have to look far for a party theme for her son's third birthday bash [2]. "Lucas has really been into reading letters and numbers on everything from books to license plates, so I thought the perfect theme for his party would be letters and numbers," Lisa says. "It's a pretty general theme, which made coming up with party details pretty easy and fun. So many things have letters and/or numbers on them!"

Lisa took what could have been a simple idea and ran with it, creating an imaginative, kid-focused event that was full of fun activities, including parachute play, a DIY [3] piñata, and a live band led by Lucas's preschool teacher. Keep reading to see all of the party fun, including Lisa's incredible invitations and homemade crayon favors!

Source: Good on Paper Design [4]


Lisa, the owner of Good on Paper Design [5], created the amazing invitation, introducing the letters and numbers theme using a cutout peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Source: Good on Paper Design [6]

Envelope Liner

A photo of Lucas acted as a cool and easy-to-replicate (just print, cut, and paste) envelope liner.

Source: Good on Paper Design [7]

Lucas Is 3!

We love oversize number balloons, and this one was the perfect addition to Lucas's numbers and letters party.

Source: Good on Paper Design [8]

Birthday Cake

"I just love baking, so the mini cake with sprinkles and letter candles was one of my favorite elements," Lisa says.

Source: Good on Paper Design [9]

Eat Here!

More letters at the food table!

Source: Good on Paper Design [10]

C Is For Cookies

Even moms as creative as Lisa sometimes don't get every detail to turn out as they hoped. We bet these "blobs instead of letters" cookies were still delicious!

Source: Good on Paper Design [11]


C is also for cupcakes, and Lisa made these banana treats herself!

Source: Good on Paper Design [12]

D Is For Donut Holes

Donut holes wrapped in paper cones made for an easy-to-transport party treat.

Source: Good on Paper Design [13]

Donut Cones

"The donut hole cones were a simple DIY [14] project that turned out super cute," Lisa says. "It's been a tradition to have donut holes at Lucas's parties, and this year I made paper cones out of copies of one of Lucas's favorite books (Richard Scarry's ABC Book) to hold the little nuggets of goodness. You could use any other kind of snack (popcorn, chocolate pretzels, cheddar bunnies) and photocopy pages from any book your child loves. Just roll the paper into a cone shape, fold the bottom up, and staple!"

Source: Good on Paper Design [15]

Piñata Time

"The piñata was a team effort," Lisa says. "My husband, Nick, made the shell out of an old Honest diapers box using the brilliant directions from Oh Happy Day [16]. I decorated it with red, orange, and teal crepe paper fringe and filled it with letter- and number-inspired little goodies, including letter sticker sheets, bookmarks, 1-2-3 rubber duckies, and mini marker sets. Watching a bunch of 3-year-olds trying to bust open a huge piñata was pretty hilarious."

Source: Good on Paper Design [17]

Parachute Play

"Besides running around the big grassy open field, Lucas loved the parachute play and sing-along led by his preschool teacher's band, Your Song, My Song [18]," Lisa says.

Source: Good on Paper Design [19]


What's a party without some cool temporary tattoos?! Lisa scored these through Hello Apparel [20] and The Indigo Bunting [21].

Source: Good on Paper Design [22]


"I really loved the homemade number crayon favors in customized muslin bags," Lisa says. "They were definitely a labor of love but turned out super cute! But I've learned my lesson and will probably never do that again for so many kids. Ha!"

Source: Good on Paper Design [23]

Homemade Crayons

Lisa made these amazing letter crayons by melting crayons and pouring the wax into molds.

Source: Good on Paper Design [24]

Happy Birthday, Lucas!

"Watching Lucas sing and dance under the trees with all of his friends and a huge smile on his face was the most memorable moment," Lisa says.

Source: Good on Paper Design [25]

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