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Oh &$#%! Have Parents Taken Swearing Too Far?

Oh &$#%! Have Parents Taken Swearing Too Far?

When did cursing go from four letter words and those with a token five to half of the dictionary? Words like "crap" and "sucks" always teetered on the thin line between appropriate language and swearing for some, but now it seems that everything is a bad word. "Oh, my gosh," "heck," and "whatever" are off limits in lots of households as are "stupid," "dumb," and "butt."

It's understandable that parents (who may be curtailing their own language) prefer that their children grow up using certain words over others but have moms and dads gone too far categorizing "darn" with "&$#%"? What mainstream words do you deem inappropriate for your kiddos? Or, which off-limits words do you find ridiculous?

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BarbaraOlson96135 BarbaraOlson96135 2 years
I don't think it's bad to forbid the inappropriate use of words like "whatever", when used on it's own by most teens it's used in a disrespectful manner. My daughter is a toddler (3) right now, but if she starts potty talk (the worst word she knows is poop) we tell her that it's inappropriate and try to explain when it should be used and when it shouldn't. I think the same holds true for words like "stupid", "dumb" and "butt". They aren't on the same level as actual swear words, but they are still often used in a very disrespectful and hurtful manner. What's wrong with trying to teach children not to use them?
ChetMC ChetMC 2 years
So far, we haven't banned any words, and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Rather, I try hard to educate our kids with regard to using strong language appropriately. I want them to understand what words really convey, and what messages they send based on the language they use. You can hate Hitler. By comparison, I think only you dislike mustard. Some things really are stupid, but it's rarely reasonable to make the blanket statement that a person you don't know is all around stupid.
mojojojo3345 mojojojo3345 2 years
Personally, I just don't like my son using any words that have no meaning besides insulting someone/something. There's no reason to use words like idiot, or stupid, or moron, you can always find an alternative. However, it's not like I'm going to ground him for using them, I just explain that it's not a nice word, and we brainstorm other words he can use to express himself.
carrie72535 carrie72535 2 years
I don't like " stupid" as in " that guy is stupid mommy" and I don't like "hate". Other than that I'm not really picky. I have a 5 and 3 year old boy and two grown dads in the house so fart jokes and potty humor is part of the norm here!
erniew erniew 6 years
The only words I'm really strict about for my two little ones are "hate" and "kill." Everything else is subject to conversation topic and whether or not they are repeating me!
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