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Organize Your Family's Digital Photos in 5 Easy Steps

Mar 21 2013 - 7:54am

Digital devices have made capturing your family's precious memories easier than ever. When kids' milestones and funny moments pop up, it's rare that Mama doesn't have a digital camera or iPhone at the ready. But with the easy access that snap-happy parents now have, there's also the side effect of having an excess of photos — and not a clue what to do with them. Here's your guide to taking, organizing, and actually enjoying all your digital snaps.

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Download to One Device

When you find yourself frequently snapping away on your iPhone, iPad, and digital camera, it's easy to become disorganized. Get into a routine of downloading your digital shots onto your laptop on a regular basis, and come up with an organizational system that works for you. Sort photos into clearly labeled folders, and be consistent in your naming structure. Delete the junk, and only save the best versions of each image.

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Save Your Favorite Facebook Shots

If you've been tagged in a friends' Facebook pictures and want to save them to your own archives, then follow these tips for downloading photos from Facebook [3]. Once they're off the social networking site and onto your own desktop, incorporate them into your pre-existing organizational system of folders or iPhoto albums.

Make the Most of Your Instagram Account

If you love the way that Instagram turns even the most amateur photographer into an artistic genius, then don't let your shared snaps remain on your smartphone for posterity. There are a number of options for turning your Instagram photos into everything from canvas prints to stickers [4]. Check out some of the best sites, and order away!

Back Your Photos Up

Technology can be your best friend — until it turns on you. Your computer's reliability should only be trusted to an extent. Because we can't imagine anything worse than losing our baby's first photos, we recommend backing your pictures up with an external hard drive [5] ($80) on a regular basis. It may feel like an unnecessary extra step, but ask anyone who's lost precious family snapshots to a technical glitch — you won't regret it.

Create an Annual Family Album

Digital storage is great for practicality's sake, but when it comes to sitting back with your kids and reminiscing about their early years or a favorite family vacation, nothing beats holding those memories in your hand.

At the end of every calendar year, turn your best shots into an album with a service like Shutterfly [6], Pinhole Press [7], or Blurb [8].

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