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Our Must Haves For August

Aug 1 2013 - 6:37am

We're halfway through summertime, and the livin' has never been easier! Whether you're a new mom, a mom-to-be, or an old hat at the parenthood game, we've got something exciting in store for you. Check out our guide to the latest and greatest finds for moms and kids this month. From the essential to the just for fun, here's everything POPSUGAR Moms is buzzing about for August!

Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever

Who doesn't love Richard Scarry's adorable books packed with vocabulary words and concepts like colors and shapes? In honor of the 50th anniversary of Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever, Random House is reissuing some of the most popular Richard Scarry titles of all time, including, Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever [1] ($5).

Nuna Pipa

Nuna's quickly making its mark on the the US baby gear market this year. Its Leaf baby seat was an instant hit, and the soon-to-be released infant car seat — the Nuna Pipa [2] ($300) — is already a star in Europe. The sleek seat features a "dream drape," or an extended hood, to help keep baby covered from sun and grabby hands and micro-knit fabrics that are removable and washable. The seat's side-impact protection system and sturdy shell make it a safety-lover's dream, but I was most impressed with the Pipa's steel enforced stability leg. A standard European car seat feature, the leg secures the car seat in place (by steadying itself on the floor of the car) to reduce rotation during a car crash by up to 90 percent. Weighing just 7.7 pounds, the seat is easy to move in and out of the car and it will be compatible with up to 20 different strollers when it is released on Aug. 20.

The Swaddler by Ergobaby

It's no surprise that Ergobaby's first product outside of a baby carrier is a swaddle blanket — the company's known for the swaddle-like feel it creates in its carriers.

The Swaddler [3] ($45) secures baby's arms and legs in place to ensure a tight, proper swaddle, but its unique "healthy hip positioner" keeps baby's hips and legs in the frog-like position to prevent hip dysplasia, while also keeping the fabric from riding up and covering baby's head.

Tracy Anderson's Post-Pregnancy 2 Workout DVD

There's no denying that moms like Gwyneth Paltrow [4], Molly Sims, and Jennifer Lopez [5] have looked great a few months after they gave birth. Part of the reason their bodies have snapped back so fast is their dedication to Tracy Anderson's fitness methods.

Having welcomed her daughter Penelope last year, Tracy fine-tuned her usual exercise routine to create a gentle, postnatal workout designed to help both celebrity and non-red carpet moms build stamina and "reconnect with their core." The result is the new Tracy Anderson's Post-Pregnancy 2 Workout DVD [6] ($30) which works with postpartum hormones to ease new mamas back into an exercise routine.

Braun Forehead Thermometer

Any mom that's stealthily tried to take her tot's temperature in the middle of the night without waking him will appreciate Braun's new Forehead Thermometer [7] ($32). With a simple 20 second swipe of your tot's forehead, you'll instantly have an accurate temperature reading — color-coded in stoplight colors to alert you if you're coming close to fever territory — of your tot's temp so you don't have to wake a sleeping child for no reason, making it the perfect find for mom's back-to-school arsenal.

"The Organic" Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope

You know that we're big fans of the Belly Bandit [8] — the postpartum corset that helps shrink bellies after the baby's born — and that we love Rosie Pope [9] for her frank pregnancy advice (and killer heels!), too. That's why we're excited about the new collaboration between the two. Starting today, "The Organic" Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope [10] makes its debut. The limited-edition pink wrap is made from organic fabric, and five percent of all proceeds go to the Shades of Pink Foundation [11] to provide temporary financial assistance to women with breast cancer — a win for new moms and charity at the same time.

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