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5 Fun Outdoor Activities For Babies

Jun 9 2014 - 3:00am

We partnered with Aquafresh to bring you this post that will help keep your baby smiling all Summer long.

Now that you've mastered indoor playtime, get outside with your baby and enjoy the warmer weather. Your babe is constantly learning from the world, taking in colors, noises, movements, and textures, which makes heading out for an adventure in your neighborhood a wonderful way to encourage her development. Get out there and explore!

Sandy Fun

Giving your child new textures to explore makes for an exciting afternoon filled with smiles. Slather on the sunblock, head to the beach or local swim hole, and let your little one dig in the sand. Or set up a sandbox in your backyard for her to explore. Just attempting to pick up the sand and watching as it slips through her fingers encourages her fine-motor skills [1].

Outdoor Toys

There's no reason why toys can't be played with outside! And even itty-bitty babes can enjoy an outdoor playdate while lying on a blanket under a shady tree. He'll love hearing all the outdoor sounds, feeling the breeze, and watching the world around him.

Long Walk

A nice, long walk is one of the best ways to get your little one smiling. And it's a great way to bond together and get some exercise. While strolling, talk to your babe about all the things you're seeing — or sing a song. You might feel a bit silly, but you are actually boosting her budding language skills [2]!

Bubble Fun

There's nothing like bubbles to make the outdoors a party! The giggles will abound while your little one explores the colorful floating orbs. Along with being fun, blowing bubbles with your babe encourages hand-eye coordination [3] while he tracks the bubbles with his eyes and tries to reach for them with his hands.

Swim Time

Head to the pool, and spend some time in the kiddie pool for refreshing fun. Not ready to deal with all the other tots? Pick up a small pool, and fill it with a few inches of water for your babe to explore. Keep him busy with floating toys, such as boats or balls. And if he's not able to sit up on his own yet, get in the pool for a bit of splish-splashing together.

Make Brushing Fun With Aquafresh! [4]


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