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These Parents May Love Frozen More Than Their Daughter

Mar 12 2014 - 11:27am

It [1]'s rare [2] for parents to love [3] an animated movie as much as their kids, but moms and dads across the country have fallen [4] head [5] over heels for Frozen. They sing along in the car, and even create their own covers of "Let It Go." [6] It's possible that some parents may [7] even love the movie more than their little ones. That seems to be the case for the couple above. As the two enthusiastically sing along to "Love Is an Open Door," their daughter flips through a book in the background, yawns, and seems to be completely unaffected by her parents' live performance — seemingly waiting for the performance to end. We, however, wish [8] it wouldn't.

Front page image [9] source: The Walt Disney Studios [10]

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