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Every Parent Has a Secret — But Only Some Are Willing to Share

Jul 31 2014 - 6:44am

The moms that we know use social media [1] for a variety of reasons — to vent, brag, share (and overshare) photos of their kids . . . but to divulge their innermost feelings and emotions? Not so much. Secret [2] is designed to change that. This anonymous social platform (website and app) was created with the intent of allowing "people to be themselves and share anything they're thinking and feeling with their friends without judgment," according to its founders.

"It's also difficult choosing when to like, comment, and reshare other people's posts," they continue. "Sometimes showing approval of controversial content can be embarrassing or intimidating." We couldn't agree more.

Feeling a sense of community and connection is paramount for parents. Whether it's for fear of being judged, offending a loved one, or any other number of reasons, there are some things that are simply too personal to say out loud when it comes to our roles as moms and dads. We found these 10 "confessions" to be especially thought-provoking and powerful. If they inspire you, go ahead and share your secret. We won't tell.

Source: Getty [3]

"I completely suck at parenthood."

". . . like a bomb that keeps detonating our marriage."

"Trying to blame parenthood for my mediocre career . . . "

"I want to run away from home."

"I am scared . . . "

"Without valid support, I feel like I am failing."

"My wife and I had our third child as a 'spare.'"

"The next person to blame my miscarriage on work stress gets punched."

"It's too bad all the working women in my life look disappointed . . ."

"I really just hide for a few minutes and then come back."

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