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Parents Punish Teen by Posting Goofy Photos on Her Facebook Page. Epic or Awful?

We're happy to present this article from our partner site Yahoo! Shine:

Parents of teenagers know that there comes a time when you can embarrass your kid simply by being visible. So when one Wisconsin couple opted to flood their daughter's Facebook page with pictures of themselves posing goofily for the camera, they probably knew they were inflicting some emotional pain.

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Adding insult to social-media injury, her brother posted one of the pictures on the social news-sharing site Reddit, where nearly 1,000 people have since weighed in on the punishment. Since the photo made the rounds on Reddit, we've had a hard time confirming the story (if AustinMac gets back to us, we'll be sure to let you know).

See what her brother thinks of his parents' playful punishment after the jump.

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"My parents took away my sister's phone for the week," AustinMac explained on Reddit. "They've uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook. Doing it right!"

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Her parents confiscated the phone because "she got fresh with [them]," her brother explained on Reddit. Taking the silly photos and posting them to Facebook was just to underscore the fact that talking back would not be tolerated.

No word on how the teen feels about pictures, which AustinMac said were taken at Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, WI, but her Facebook friends seem to think they're funny. "Oh, yeah! Lots of likes," AustinMac wrote.

It's a far cry from the guy who shot his daughter's laptop after she posted a disrespectful, expletive-laced note about her parents. But still: teens find their parents embarrassing enough without having photos of them looking goofy go public, which makes this bit of payback kind of epic, even if some wonder whether it's an invasion of privacy. (It's not difficult to post pictures to someone else's Facebook wall, even if you don't have their password: All the parents would have to do is upload the photos to one of their own accounts, then tag their daughter, and voilà — instant humiliation.)

Parents, what do you think? Appropriate payback for bad behavior, or parental Must-See Holiday Movie Guide: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
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Source: Instagram user cbsphoto

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sadaavina1362894639 sadaavina1362894639 2 years
I think this is highly inappropriate you are humiliating your child in such a public way they make a target of their child and kill their confidence its abusing their right to privacy
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