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Good Things Come in Small Packages: Favors

Apr 3 2008 - 1:00pm

One of the toughest parts of throwing a shower is picking out cute and practical party favors. I always feel guilty when I get a basket of trinkets I'll never use that cost the host a pretty penny. To see my suggestions .

Customize M&M's [1] in the decor color and have them stamped with the baby–to–be's name, "It's a Boy!" or "Baby Smith." You can order them in bulk and wrap in colored tulle fabric and cute ribbon. Cut the netted material up into squares and the ribbon into five inch pieces. Place the M&M's in the middle of the tulle square and gather the fabric up top. Use a ribbon to tie a bow around the bunch sealing off the candy and perfecting the mini package.

Party guests can pucker up with personalized lip balm. Order two dozen tiny pods with a specialized label from Daisy Days [2] for $20.

Another small but sweet party favor is a wrapped up cookie. If you enjoy baking, you're in luck. Whip up a batch of shortbread cookies in baby shapes and frost them in pastel colors. Once the frosting is set, pop them into cellophane bags and tie them off with ribbon. For a pricey short–cut, you can buy professional and tasty cookies from Eleni's [3] in NYC.

Tell us if you have some other favor ideas!

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