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Mom's Tumblr Gets People Talking "Places They Have Pumped"

Aug 5 2014 - 11:17am

Being a working mom is not easy, especially when you are also nursing an infant. While some companies provide private, sanitary spaces where women can pump during the day, more often than not moms are forced to use bathroom stalls, abandoned corners, or their own cars. Sarah Beaulieu learned this lesson the hard way. The mother of two and founder of the Enliven Project ran into many problems while trying to pump during her busy days, from finding the time to finding the space.

"I was trying to figure out how many minutes/ounces I'd be able to pump before I had to literally run to get somewhere that was not a bathroom to be on a call," Beaulieu tells The Huffington Post [1]. "This was exactly the crazy moment of being a working parent that people don't talk about enough, and precisely what I wish someone had prepared me for."

Now, Beaulieu is doing her best to prepare other working moms for the challenges ahead with her Tumblr, Places I Have Pumped [2]. Here, Beaulieu posts photos of all the places she has had to whip out the kit during the workweek. Though these are not some of the worst places women have had to pump [3], they are far from ideal. Beaulieu also hopes her Tumblr sheds light on the issue and starts a larger conversation about changes in the workplace.

Scroll through to see some of the places Beaulieu has pumped.

Source: Tumblr user Places I Have Pumped [4]

"Working mamas who travel, take note! Best place to pump on the road!"

Source: Places I Have Pumped [5]

"Another bathroom before a meeting near Capitol Hill. Style points for the cabinet."

Source: Places I Have Pumped [6]

"In the car after a networking breakfast ."

Source: Places I Have Pumped [7]

"There really aren’t any great pumping outfits."

Source: Places I Have Pumped [8]

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