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The 10 Pictures You'll Want to Take of Your Tots Each Month

Oct 8 2016 - 12:52pm

If you're anything like us, since you've had kids, you rarely put your camera down! While it's fun to simply snap away, I turned to mom and photographer Jennifer Little, founder of Fort Collins, CO-based Sugar Photography [1], to see what she considers to be the essential photos to take of her kids each month, ultimately creating a chronicle of her little ones' growth. Keep reading to see what she includes on her list!

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [2]

A Portrait

A monthly portrait is a great way to track time. Little says, "What expression do you get when you tell your child to smile? Find out by capturing his reaction each month in the same location. This is a great way to gauge the changes in your baby's face over time."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [3]

New Mannerisms

Especially in the early stages, lil ones gain new expressions and new mannerisms almost daily. Little reminds us, "They learn new mannerisms by watching us. These little bursts of imitation seem to come and go, so make sure to grab the camera while the body language is fresh and cute."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [4]


The trophy of all photos may be the sibling one! Little explains, "As difficult as it may be to gather your goslings together for a photo, give it a try. It's nice to have monthly photos recording their growth together. You might even get more than you bargained for when you put the two of them together. Who cares if they are being mischievous? That will only show off their personalities."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [5]


There are serious moments, and then there are the fun! Little says, "Whatever they do to learn and interact and develop, get the shot. From month to month, their playtime will change and evolve as they grow. Soon they won't even be home very often, so make the most of these playtime moments by photographing them to remember forever. "

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [6]

Bath Time

They look so sweet and innocent in a tub filled with bubbles! Little agrees, "Bath time is a nightly ritual full of photo opportunities, so be sure to grab the camera at least one night out of the month. Fill the tub with bubbles and let the fun begin!"

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [7]

Squeaky-Clean Baby

Babies always seem to be happiest right after bath time. Little advises us to take advantage of that time, "After the bath is a great time to let your little one play, free on the bed. Snap away while she crawls and jumps before bedtime. You are sure to fill your camera with smiles and giggles when she crashes into pillows and blankets."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [8]

Favorite Toy

Little reminds us that it's not all about the tot! She says, "What toy can your child not live without this month? If it changes from month to month, this will be a great photo op, and one that he will love to look back at years from now. Photograph him while he’s playing and let him stand proud for a perfect little pose."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [9]

A New Trick

It's amazing what lil ones learn over the course of a month. Little suggests capturing it. She says, "Children are always learning to do new things from month to month. What is he mastering this month? Is he taking lessons or teaching himself a new trick? Whatever the craft, be sure to capture the moments as he learns what it means to practice and discipline himself."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [10]

A Picture With Mom

Put down the camera and join the fun! Little suggests, "Chances are good that mom is taking most of the family photos, so make sure to relinquish control of the camera from time to time and make sure you’re being photographed with those sweeties. Hug and kiss and let dad shoot away."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [11]

And a Picture With Dad

Don't forget dad! Little says, "Equally important are the photos with dad. Parents age at the same rate as kids, so document dad as he ages gracefully with baby by his side. Think about capturing dad doing a routine task with the kids like story time or bike riding. Whatever role he plays in your family with your kids is one that’s photo-worthy."

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [12]

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