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A Fantastically Fruity Pineapple-Themed Birthday Bash

Aug 26 2014 - 4:32am

If you really love something, why not celebrate it? That's exactly what baker extraordinaire Jenny Keller [1] did when she planned her pineapple-themed birthday party [2]. The juicy fruit made an appearance on everything imaginable — from decorative desserts to festive cups, plates, and invitations. Yellow brightened up the decor, and even though this particular party was intended for adults, we couldn't help but dream up a birthday bash for the little ones with this pineapple motif. Kids would love the adorable plastic fruit-shaped sippy cups and funny pineapple glasses, and no one — adults and children alike — could resist the over-the-top dessert spread. If pineapples aren't your kids' cup of tea, then take some inspiration from this celebration, and use the fruit that your kiddos can't get enough of!

Source: KCB Photography [3]

Lemon Meringue Pies

The party planner crafted these miniature lemon meringue pies by drawing pineapple stems with melted green candy onto waxed paper and topping the pies with the stems.

Source: KCB Photography [4]

Fruit Skewers

Making fruit skewers is a piece of cake, so let the little ones in on this task!

Source: KCB Photography [5]

Picture Perfect

Get crafty with the kids and frame some of their own artwork for the party.

Source: KCB Photography [6]

Spray-Painted Pineapples

Spray-painting real pineapples is a cheap and easy DIY [7], and they are a great addition to the party decor.

Source: KCB Photography [8]

Pineapple Sunglasses

The fun of silly sunglasses doesn't have to start and finish at the party — these shades are the gift that keeps on giving on any sunny day.

Source: KCB Photography [9]

Pineapple Pillows

Comfy and cute!

Source: KCB Photography [10]

Wooden Bowls

Find bowls that you and your kids love and spray-paint them to match the motif.

Source: KCB Photography [11]

Party Plates

Themed disposable plates are great to have when kids are part of the picture because they help make cleaning up less of a chore.

Source: KCB Photography [12]

Pineapple Sippy Cups

No mess, no fuss, and supercute!

Source: KCB Photography [13]


Keep your tables clean and ring-free with cute coasters.

Source: KCB Photography [14]

Delicious Dessert Spread

It would be hard to choose between these sweet treats — you might need to sample them all!

Source: KCB Photography [15]

Dessert Backdrop

Framed photos add a picture-perfect effect to the spread.

Source: KCB Photography [16]

Creative Cupcakes

We love the look of these detailed treats!

Source: KCB Photography [17]

Pineapple Flowerpots

The planner hollowed out several real pineapples and planted pretty succulents and flowers in them.

Source: KCB Photography [18]

It's All in the Details

Smaller themed details add a subtle and sweet effect to the party decor.

Source: KCB Photography [19]

Juice Options

Provide the little guests with juice choices because they're sure to have an opinion on the matter!

Source: KCB Photography [20]

Themed Invitations

Craft your own or commission an artist to personalize your child's invites.

Source: KCB Photography [21]

Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are easy to make — just find a wall and pin up pretty paper — and you can get great shots that your kids will have fun making and that you'll love looking back at later.

Source: KCB Photography [22]

Pineapple Water

Fruit-flavored water is a refreshing beverage option for outdoor parties on warm days.

Source: KCB Photography [23]

Fancy Nails

Little girls will love these nail details.

Source: KCB Photography [24]

Pineapple-Flavored Ice Cream

Cool down with light and fruity ice cream.

Source: KCB Photography [25]

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