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Get Popping With These 15 Kid-Friendly Popcorn Recipes

Jul 16 2013 - 9:04am

We can't think of a single kid who doesn't love to snack on popcorn, whether it's at the movies, at home, or anywhere. Skip the standard bag of microwave kernels, and up the ante with one of 15 inspired ideas for a poppin' good time. From savory and sweet snack mixes to popcorn lollipops and more, once you pop, you can't stop!

Peanut Butter Popcorn

Sweet and salty, peanut butter popcorn [1] takes just minutes to make and is a great after-school snack.

Source: POPSUGAR Moms [2]

Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn

Got a little sweet tooth? Marshmallow caramel popcorn [3] is an undeniably decadent option.

Source: POPSUGAR Food [4]

Caramel Popcorn-Candied Almond Ice Cream

Combine two summertime staples — popcorn and ice cream — with this recipe for caramel popcorn-candied almond ice cream [5]. Yum!

Source: POPSUGAR Food [6]

Cheesy Spicy Popcorn

If your kids prefer their snacks more savory than sweet, then cheesy spicy popcorn [7] should fit the bill. Vary (or eliminate altogether) the amount of cayenne that you include depending on your family's preferences.

Source: The Kitchn [8]

Beach-Party Popcorn

Just say yes to beach-party popcorn [9] — a savory snack mix that's perfect for seaside nibbling.

Source: The Popcorn Board [10]

Popcorn With Brown Butter and Parmesan

It's a bit sophisticated for younger kids, but if you have an adventurous eater, then encourage him to sample nutty, salty popcorn with brown butter and parmesan [11].

Source: Real Simple [12]

Double Chocolate Popcorn Balls

Tee off with double chocolate popcorn balls [13] — a special treat for special occasions.

Source: The Popcorn Board [14]

Spicy Gooey M&M's and Almond Popcorn

The Kitchn offers up inspiration for a spicy gooey M&M's and almond popcorn mix [15] that we can't wait to try for our next family movie night.

Source: The Kitchn [16]

Spiced Party Mix

Skip the bagged stuff, and instead whip up your own homemade spiced party mix [17] for today's snack time.

Source: POPSUGAR Food [18]

Twizzlers-Popcorn Snack Mix

Combine the sweet and chewy goodness of Twizzlers with toasted pecans and caramel corn in Real Simple's recipe for Twizzlers-popcorn snack mix [19].

Source: Kana Okada/Real Simple [20]

Brown-Sugar Lollipops

These brown-sugar lollipops [21] would make a perfect addition to a birthday party.

Source: The Popcorn Board [22]

Popcorn S'mores

An unexpected take on the campfire fave, popcorn s'mores [23] pack in the same marshmallow-chocolatey goodness as their more traditional counterpart.

Source: The Popcorn Board [24]

Popcorn Party Pizza

They may have made their own pizza before, but how about popcorn party pizza [25]? It's a great birthday party or playdate activity.

Source: The Popcorn Board [26]

Popcorn Strawberry Bars

Popcorn strawberry bars [27] are a fun snack for adults and kids alike.

Source: The Popcorn Board [28]

Teddy-Bear Picnic Mix

All it takes is a box of Teddy Grahams to make this teddy-bear picnic mix [29] an adorably kid-friendly snack!

Source: The Popcorn Board [30]

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