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6 Post-Pregnancy Garments to Help the Body Bounce Back

Jan 20 2010 - 1:30pm

Nine months up, nine months down may be a post-natal mama's mantra, but that doesn't mean she can't get to work on that body sooner. Once baby arrives, a new mom's belly doesn't shrink down as quickly as she might have expected. For generations, women around the world have bound their postpartum bodies to help retrain their midsections and 65 percent of LilSugar readers [1] think binding garments will help them return to their pre-baby bodies. Before mum is cleared to diet and exercise, there are a bevy of post-pregnancy compression garments designed to help put the body back where it started. Take a look at some of the options.

Amon Maternity Bodyshaper

Like a modern day version of "granny" underpants, the Amon Maternity Bodyshaper [2] ($25) features a tight-knit nylon and Spandex tummy cincher that provides gentle, yet firm pressure to the mid-section. The Bodyshaper's breathable fabric makes it ideal for use under any garment.

Belly Bandit

A favorite of our LilSugar editors [3], the Belly Bandit is designed to be used by new mamas immediately after delivery. The binding is supposed to reduce swelling of the uterus and keep bloating from water retention to a minimum. The wide Velcro closure can be moved daily over the course of six to eight weeks for tummy firming results. Kourtney Kardashian's limited edition lace version ($65) adds some feminine touches to the line.


Rather than focus on the body's midsection, the HipSlimmer [4] ($65) is designed to reign in post-delivery hips. Worn for a few hours a day after post-delivery pain has subsided, the HipSlimmer's laces can be adjusted to apply pressure directly to the hips and aid in moving them back to their pre-pregnancy location.

Shrinkx Hips

Like the HipSlimmer, ShrinkxHips [5] ($52) uses compression to apply pressure to the hip area. Using a thick Velcro closure, the belt counteracts the Relaxin hormone that widened the hips throughout pregnancy. According to the manufacturers, Shrinkx Hips should be used for the first eight weeks after delivery.


Tauts [6] ($56) is the Brooke Burke [7]-endorsed tummy band with a Velcro closure that binds the stomach and reduces the size of the swollen uterus and helps limit water retention. In the meantime, it holds the bloated tummy in tight while helping to shed inches in a timely manner. For best results, the creators recommend wearing it for 40 days immediately after delivering the baby

Wink Post-Pregnancy Bikini Style

A medical-grade compression garment, the Wink Post-Pregnancy Bikini Style [8] ($89) looks most like the girdle your grandmother wore. With two layers of compression material, the garment applies pressure to the hips and mid-section during the first eight weeks of post-natal recovery.

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