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Are Potty Parties the Next Big Thing?

Jun 26 2014 - 6:44am

As far as toddler milestones go, potty training is up there as one of the biggies. While every family has their own method of transitioning little kids to the toilet [1], we couldn't help but notice while perusing Pinterest that "potty parties" are increasing in popularity. We're not just talking a wrapped copy of Everyone Poops [2] or some big-kid undies, either — many moms are going all out and hosting elaborate, photo-friendly bashes. Ridiculous? Maybe. But we couldn't stop looking!

Here, a few of the more noteworthy ways to rock a potty party of your very own.

Source: Creative Juice [3]

Powdered Potties

Follow Bonne Nouvelle's easy tutorial for making these sweet powdered doughnut and marshmallow potty treats [4].

Source: Bonne Nouvelle [5]

Peace Out, Pampers!

The time-honored, sacred ritual of tossing diapers in the trash? Kids and moms alike will get a kick out of this one.

Source: Creative Juice [6]

#1 and #2 Treats

The innuendo may be a little gross, but the treats sure look good!

Source: Creative Juice [7]

Oh, Goody!

Pull-Ups, party horns, stickers, and other goodies combine to make a fun-filled goody bag.

Source: Macke Monologues [8]

Undie Cakes

The "Potty like a rockstar" theme? Just too good!

Source: Creative Juice [9]

Get the Look

Wear it with pride, kids, wear it with pride. Tomorrow Ts' Potty Like a Rockstar tee [10] ($15) is a winner.

Potty Toss

A potty-perfect spin on an old-fashioned carnival game, the potty toss [11] makes for excellent entertainment (and a memorable photo opp, too).

Source: Catch My Party [12]

Potty Pedis

If you've got a little girl "in training," potty pedis make a cute party activity.

Source: Creative Juice [13]

Potty Punch

Mom's got her punch card for the coffee shop — potty masters in training can now score their own personalized potty punch [14] for $10 (and poops get a double punch!).

TP Gone Wild!

Is there a toddler out there who hasn't discovered the joy of unraveling, ripping, and tossing toilet paper on his own? We think not. Turn the perplexing pleasure into a party game, and brace for endless giggles.

Source: Instagram user simplyphotoshanna [15]

Big Kid!

Putting the emphasis on your tot growing up and making the transition from baby to big kid makes the experience positive and exciting, rather than intimidating.

Source: Creative Juice [16]

Color Your Own Undies!

Bloggers Love and Lion have found a way to make coloring in your dream undies [17] adorable (there's a girl version too!).

Source: Love and Lion [18]

Sweet Eats

How to decorate sugar cookies for a potty party? Toilet paper rolls and undies, of course!

Source: Instagram user Oh So Sweet Edibles [19]


This is hilarious — customized water bottles [20] for the kiddos' "personal trainers" in their latest endeavor (aka moms).

Source: Creative Juice [21]

Undie Lineup

Little undies make a surprisingly cute backdrop when hung with clothespins from a piece of string or ribbon.

Source: Love and Lion [22]

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