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10 Questions Women Should Ask Insurance Providers About Pregnancy

Jul 30 2015 - 3:06pm

If you're expecting (or want to be expecting), the very last thing on your mind is probably insurance, but the truth is that it's very important to get the details on your coverage before it's too late. Every company is different in terms of what is and is not covered, so it's best to get the information for yourself (instead of from the grapevine). Here are a few key questions you'll want to ask your provider so you're well prepared before the bills start rolling in.

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What About Coverage For Pregnancy Planning?

Believe it or not, some insurance providers offer coverage for women who are starting the process of getting pregnant, but aren't actually with babe just yet. Prenatal supplements, smoking cessation, STD screening, and other items may be covered, so be sure to ask!

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What Is Covered Under Maternity Care?

Maternity care is very involved (and very expensive), but luckily there are laws that ensure that maternity care is covered in some way, so just be sure to ask what exactly is covered under your specific plan. Already pregnant with no insurance? All Health Insurance Marketplace plans [4] cover pregnancy and childbirth — and you can apply for special enrollment if you're having a baby.

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How Many Recovery Days Are Covered in the Hospital?

This is an important question to ask because the going rate for hospital overnights rival five-star hotels (without any of the luxurious amenities). Check to see if your provider requires that they be notified when you check into the hospital for labor. Also, ask about how many additional days are allowed if there are complications with the delivery or with the baby after birth.

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Which Prenatal Screenings Are Covered?

There are a battery of tests — from ultrasounds to amnios to gestational diabetes — that both a pregnant mama and her unborn babe will probably be told to take. Make sure you know the facts on which are covered and which are not.

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What Is the Deal With C-Sections and My Coverage?

C-sections are more and more common, and even if you plan on pushing your baby out vaginally, be sure to still ask about Cesareans and your provider's coverage terms and conditions.

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Are Midwives Covered?

Some women opt to use a midwife, doula, or other more alternative practitioners, and many insurance companies will cover such care while others will not. Also, if you are choosing a home birth, be sure to ask about those costs as well.

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Can I Get Insurance For My Newborn?

More specifically, what are the procedures for getting your baby enrolled on your plan? Some companies require that you notify them no more than 30 days after the baby is born.

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Is My Breast Pump Covered?

Did you know that some health insurance plans provide breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding? This was news to me, so definitely ask your insurance plan about your breastfeeding benefits.

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What If Termination Is Needed?

Sometimes pregnancies that are very much wanted need to be terminated. And while you really don't want to think about this happening, it's an unfortunate but worthwhile question to ask.

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Are Water Births Covered?

Wanting to go the water birth route? Check with your insurance first. Sometimes the births are covered, but only if done in a hospital. As with everything, every carrier is different, so be sure to ask specific questions on the water-birthing process and its coverage.

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