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Is This the Only Workout Moms-to-Be Need?

Jul 23 2014 - 6:45am

The most effective (and enjoyable) form of physical fitness for a pregnant woman doesn't take place on a treadmill — it takes place in a pool. "Dealing with warmer temps during your pregnancy certainly adds to the discomfort," expectant mom and nutritionist/dietitian Anita Mirchandani [1] says. "You've got to transition to early morning or late evening walks and focus on indoor workouts." One indoor workout that Anita has embraced for herself and recommends to her clients is swimming.

If you don't already have a nearby pool that you use, check out FitMapped [2] to search for one in your area. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of aquatic workouts during pregnancy, then dive right in to Anita's customized-for-pregnancy pool regime.

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It could relieve early pregnancy symptoms.

"Immersing yourself in the water could help with the nausea and vomiting experienced during the first trimester," Anita says. "It could also help manage the heartburn felt during the third trimester."

According to Anita, "Swimming is a physical activity that provides a cardiovascular workout at a low-stress level to the body, which is a huge benefit."

It’s a low-impact exercise that's easy on the joints.

Swimming offers all of the benefits of cardio workouts like running and cycling, minus the risk of putting potentially harmful pressure on the joints. "Expectant moms should be able to perform exercises such as lunges, squats, sidekicks, and even walking routines without feeling the pressure on the hips or lower back," Anita says. "The water provides a supportive, comfortable, and [even] massage-like environment."

It'll keep you cool.

According to Anita, most indoor pools are kept at around 80 degrees. "You won’t sweat as much as you would walking outdoors, cycling, or even taking a conditioning class, so you won’t feel as exhausted after a swimming session or aquatic workout," Anita explains. "However, it is important to stay hydrated, so keep a water bottle nearby for frequent sips."

The Ultimate Prenatal Pool Workout

Warm-up: Stand up straight and walk the length of the pool, slowly, lifting each knee; repeat four times.

Workout (all to be completed in pool):

And Cool It Down

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