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Prince William and Kate Vacation Without Prince George

Prince William and Duchess Kate Vacation Without Prince George — and the People Aren't Pleased!

Have Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton lost their nomination for parents of the year? The royal couple is currently receiving some harsh criticism for taking a vacation without Prince George. Last week, the two headed to the Maldives for a little rest and relaxation, leaving their 8-month-old son with his grandparents. While some see this as a well-deserved holiday, the UK press is saying it is negligent and nonmaternal. One Twitter user went so far as to call Kate a "freak."

Do you think they left their son too soon?

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angelhill13159 angelhill13159 1 year

This article never said how long they were gone. it was probably not very long. many new parents need a break now and then. my mother came to visit when my first was 2 weeks old, i finally got some sleep. Also i may have never gone one vacation without my kids but only because i never went on vacation. If i had the money to go on vacation and had someone i trusted to watch them, i would so go. people are only criticizing because they are public figures. Otherwise who cares, mind your own business.

zupamum zupamum 1 year

George is definitely old enough to be left with people who love and care for him well! Parents deserve and often need a reprieve from the constant care of a child no matter how much they love their little one!

AnneWicks AnneWicks 1 year

Seems the only idiots freaking out about this are the English press any normal person with children understands parents need a break sometimes to chill out regroup and have a bit of adult time together. Just another non story being blown all out of proportion.

LorisAyoub LorisAyoub 1 year

Oh please if ''normal'' people does it, why not them? personally I wouldn't do it because I love going out with my kids

HelgaRapacz HelgaRapacz 1 year

Its not for anyone to say...they don't know the insides... They probably need some alone time to rekindle themselves... Maybe the Royal boy is tough on them... They need a breather & are very fortunate to be able to leave him in safe trusting family arms!!
They have done well one being modern parents with him...
So, enjoy your holiday Kate & William :)
I'm sure you loving your break, but feel a little lost with out him... But you need the time away to refresh !!:)

ErinMiller64512 ErinMiller64512 1 year

My child was about 3 months old when she started having slumber parties at Grandma's house. I don't see the big deal. Were they gone 6 months? But when they ship him off to boarding school at 6, it won't be a big deal at all...

DeannaTate DeannaTate 1 year

I think it's a good will give them a chance to breath and go back to him refreshed. I see nothing wrong with this and I'm sure they are calling every 5 minutes to check on him...Let them have their time! Shame on the British press for making this into something it's not!!!

MaraPittman45016 MaraPittman45016 1 year

i have never been on a vacation.

ClairePatruno ClairePatruno 1 year

England needs to get their drawers out of a bunch. These 2 are high profile, high stress. Cut them a break. Jeeze.

SamanthaGuregian SamanthaGuregian 1 year

I think it's nobody's business.

jenniedaniels jenniedaniels 1 year

Oh come on! Do they go on vacation all of the time without him? NO! Let them have 'MommyDaddy time' Yeesh!

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