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Halloween Yoga Poses to Get Kids Stretching!

Oct 28 2010 - 8:03am

Kids should be reaching for more than candy this Halloween [1]! In an effort to get families stretching their minds around activities other than trick-or-treating during the candy-consuming holiday, Pure Yoga is offering A Spooky Kids Kula class in NYC [2] that allows children (and their parents) to transform themselves into all kinds of things — a pumpkin, a spider, a vampire — without slipping into a costume! Not everyone can make the class so the folks at Pure Yoga [3] sent over 10 poses that parents can teach their tots at home. The moves are great for bringing youngsters down from their sugar highs!

Source: Pure Yoga [4]

Rolling Jack-O’-Lantern

Curl up in fetal position, roll, and make your best carved pumpkin face!

Source: Pure Yoga [5]


Spiders have many legs. Thread your arms under, around, and through your other limbs. Can you walk like a spider? It's easier than it looks.

Source: Pure Yoga [6]


Spread your wings (arms) wide like a large, black bat soaring in the night.

Source: Pure Yoga [7]


Sweep your cape from side to side by swinging your arms.

Source: Pure Yoga [8]

Vampire Fangs

Position your feet with heels touching, slightly bend knees, and tuck your arms in around your mouth to create finger fangs.

Source: Pure Yoga [9]

Scaredy Cat

Get down on all fours, then hunch over, and drop your head between the shoulder blades to stretch.

Source: Pure Yoga [10]


Get down on one knee, stretch one arm out in front, and make a fierce werewolf face.

Source: Pure Yoga [11]

Crescent Moon

Can you balance on each leg? This pose is like a cartwheel, made half way.

Source: Pure Yoga [12]

Spooky Tree

Stand straight with one leg bent up and resting on the other knee. Hold arms around the face creating owl eyes with fingers.

Source: Pure Yoga [13]


Owls are famous for making noises in the night. Crouch down like the scavenger and walk around.

Source: Pure Yoga [14]

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