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17 Quotes That Perfectly Describe Boys

Aug 21 2014 - 3:24am

Sometimes, parents have trouble expressing how they feel about their sons. It's not that we don't know what to say — we just don't always know the best way to say it. I mean, how do you tell a boy he's beautiful, bubbly, sweet, a little stinky, and so much more? Luckily, Etsy is there to sum up everything we want to say. From great guidelines to sweet sentiments, here are some hangable words of wisdom for your little guy.

Source: Etsy user laceyfields [1]

Adorable Alter Ego

Humor your caped crusader with this wooden plaque [2] ($48).

To-Do List

A boy's day isn't complete without these activities [3] ($17).

Sweet Baby Boy

Who wouldn't want to wake up to these sweet words [4] ($13)?

The Mother Tree

This quote from The Giving Tree perfectly sums up a mother's feelings [5] ($12).

What Is a Boy?

We think this is pretty accurate [6] ($19), don't you?

The Rules of Little Men

Teach your son how to be a gentleman with some adorable guidelines [7] ($6).

A Boy's Life

Share your son's story [8] ($22).

God's Gift

We're supergrateful for our baby boys [9] ($14).

Oh Brother

Whether younger or older, remind your son about the importance of being a sibling [10] ($14).

Boys Will Be Boys

A simple, sweet, and true sign [11] ($8).

The Joys of Boys

Our little guys are filled with kisses, hugs, and so much more [12] ($5).

Rocket Man

Future astronauts will love these inspiring words [13] ($18).

Little Slugger

Hit a home run with this baseball-themed sign [14] ($4).


Help your son find his superhuman strength [15] ($18).

Mustache Maintenance

Rules are always more fun with facial hair [16] ($42).

No Sleep Tonight

The only reason we should let our sons stay up late [17] ($5).

World's Best Boys

Show your sons how lucky you are [18] ($33) to have them around.

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