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10 Terrible and Wonderful Reasons New Moms Cry

Aug 30 2016 - 2:02pm

When you leave the hospital as a first-time mom, you know you'll be taking with you your bundle of joy, probably some lingering pain from the delivery . . . but did you know you'd signed up for a whole new breadth of emotions? Call it the baby blues, call it hormones, call it whatever you want, we can promise you that they're going to be in overdrive. Our best advice? Have a sense of humor about it. Here, 10 true but hilarious things that we can (almost) guarantee that a new mom will cry over during year one of parenthood.

Show Her a Sappy Commercial

Or a Lifetime movie . . . or the news . . .

Source: The Oprah Show [1]

Remind Her That Her Friends Are Having Fun Without Her

Or better yet, show her. Those Instagram and Facebook feeds can be cruel places to homebound new moms!

Source: MTV [2]

Ask Her to Try On Her Old Skinny Jeans

Patient, you must be!

Source: Wikipedia [3]

The First Time She Has to Pay a Babysitter

Dinner and a movie just ended up costing us how much!?

Source: Colormetheworld.tumblr.com [4]

When It's Time For Her Significant Other to Go Back to Work

But wait, are you sure you have to go right this minute?

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [5]

Baby's First Smile

And first laugh . . . and first word . . . and first step . . .

Source: CBS.com [6]

The First Time She Spills Breast Milk

Yes, you totally can (and will) cry over spilled milk.

When Maternity Leave Comes to an End

But . . . I don't want to go!

Source: NBC [7]

When a Stranger Judges Your Parenting Skills

I'm sorry, you care what my baby is wearing . . . why?!

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [8]

When a Family Member Judges Your Parenting Skills

You take care of your kids, I'll take care of mine . . . deal?

Source: E! [9]

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