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Reasons Two Isn't Terrible

Reasons Two Isn't Terrible

Two years ago today, I gave birth to my son. While he's definitely given me a run for my money, I am thrilled for this milestone for many reasons and don't believe for a second that the twos are terrible.

  • We bid his crib goodbye and he's settled in his big boy bed.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, he plays with his toys and lets us rest a bit longer.
  • He's a mover and a shaker so we don't need the stroller as much and my arms get a rest.
  • He never tires of talking about bugs, big jets, choo choo trains, rockets, airplanes and motorcycles.
  • When he laughs his entire body shakes.
  • He dances even when music isn't playing.
  • He is a lil fireball of energy propelling me day in and day out.
  • He's generous with his kisses.
  • He says, "I love you mama!" at least once a day.
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