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Sturdy Cribs to Keep Baby Safe

May 7 2009 - 6:00am

Many parents don't mind putting the bulk of their design budget towards the newborn's crib — the most important item in a nursery. In recent days, some crib makers and their retailers [1] have decided to stop manufacturing and selling the popular drop-side versions leaving many customers wondering if their current crib is a hazard.

In an effort to keep customers hazard free and to prevent further recalls, Babies R Us will no longer stock and shelve the drop-side style, but encourage consumers to buy either a fold down design or version with fixed rails. With so many cute options on the market, it's hard to pick a favorite!

Da Vinci Kalani

Parents who like a sleigh look will love the Da Vinci Kalani [2] crib at the right price of $310.

Ducduc Dylan

The posh Ducduc Dylan [3] crib is an eye pleaser, but heavy on the wallet at $1995.

Q Collection Junior Cielo

Simple and rich, the Q Collection Junior Cielo Crib [4] ($1180) will work well in dark themed nurseries.

IKEA Gulliver

Parents looking for a bargain will go with the basic IKEA Gulliver [5] crib that will only cost them one Benjamin at $100.

IKEA Hermelin

Add some flair to the room with the $129 IKEA Hermelin [6].

Netto Loft

Simple yet elegant, the Netto Loft Crib [7] ($954) is a piece of eye candy that has two useful drawers on the bottom.

Nurseryworks Studio

The motherload of modern swanky cribs, the Nurseryworks Studio Crib [8] has a hefty price tag at $2,100 but includes a changing table and storage space.

Pottery Barn Skylar

Sweet and modern, the $699 Pottery Barn Skylar Crib [9] combines white and chocolate for a decorative color scheme.

Pottery Barn Darcy

For a sophisticated setting the Pottery Barn Darcy [10] ($999) crib adds maturity to the room.

Oeuf Sparrow

Urban babies may prefer the Oeuf Sparrow [11] crib at $690.

Oeuf Original

One of the original modern nursery staples, the Oeuf Crib [12] ($890) is a tried and true favorite in many baby boutiques.

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