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Samsung Merges Camera and Tablet: But Is It Right For Mom?

Jan 3 2013 - 9:04am

What's the one item mamas reach for most in their diaper bags? No, not wipes, and not burp clothes, but their smartphone, so they can snap pictures of their tot making a funny face or doing something for the first time and then share the picture with family, friends, or Instagram followers. The problem is, those photos aren't always crisp and clear, and if you swap out your smartphone for a DSLR camera, you get great images but can't share them immediately.

That's where the new Samsung Galaxy camera [1] (starting at $599) enters the picture. A cross between an Android tablet and a point-and-shoot camera, Start sharing your opinion [2] on millions of must haves for your tots in our Product Reviews [3] group.

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