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Scent-sational! 8 Toys to Stimulate Your Tot's Sense of Smell

Feb 26 2013 - 3:16am

Most toys are designed to develop kids' senses of touch, sight, and sound — but how about that oh-so-fun underdog, smell? Little ones love putting their sniffers to work, and we've found eight fun ways for them to do just that. From scratch-and-sniff books to ice cream scoops so realistic they'll want a lick, when it comes to entertaining kiddie noses, these playthings are simply scent-sational!

Scratch-and-Sniff Stickers

A retro fave — the scratch-and-sniff stickers [1] ($6) that many of us recall with fond childhood memories of our own — are still around. And even with all the high-tech toys on the market today, kids are still wowed by stickers that smell like pizza!

Pat the Puppy

An interactive story from the Pat the Bunny collection, Pat the Puppy [2] ($9, originally $10) features pages to stimulate several senses. Kids can scratch and sniff, touch, make characters move, and more!

Dr. Seuss's Sneetches on Beaches

A tale as whimsical as only Dr. Seuss could tell, Sneetches on Beaches [3] ($9, originally $11) is sure to delight early readers (or listeners) with a squeaking ball, scented marshmallows, and more.

Mini Scented Ice Cream Bubbles

The perfect party favor, these scented ice cream bubbles [4] ($2 each) are sure to delight little noses.

Love Bubs Scented Play Dough

Etsy seller Love Bubs offers handmade, nontoxic play dough [5] ($9 for three jars) in a wide range of scented options!

Janod Multifruitti Scratch 'n' Sniff Cards

A great way to teach tots about healthy eating, Janod's Multifrutti scented cards [6] ($7, originally $13) come on a sturdy metal ring, so they're perfect for on-the-go fun.

New York, Phew York

Whether you've got a big-city kid or one who's going to be visiting the Big Apple, New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure [7] ($34) takes its readers on a journey through 19 NYC neighborhoods with scents to match!

BeginAgain Scented Scoops Ice Cream Set

Playing ice cream parlor has never been so realistic! Thanks to BeginAgain's Scented Scoops [8] ($30), little ones won't have to use their imaginations to conjure up the scents of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream. The scoops are made from GreenDot, a corn-based, eco-friendly biomaterial, and the cones are maple wood.

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