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Sending Your Child to College — It's an Emotional Ride

Aug 8 2014 - 6:51am

Congratulations! After years of tests, applications, and some serious stress, your child is headed off to college. They are about to embark on four years of academic and personal growth that will prepare them for the adult world (or at least that's what we tell them). But before you start preparing your child for the next chapter in their lives, you need to prepare yourself for an emotional ride. Sending your child to school, while exciting, can also be pretty scary. Here, every emotion to expect when your child leaves for college.

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You're so proud of your child for getting into college.

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You celebrate with a grad party and Summer full of fun.

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But then August rolls around, and you realize you haven't bought a thing for their dorm.

So you go on a stress-induced shopping spree for the essentials.

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And probably buy way more than they need.

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Meanwhile, they're at home relaxing.

You get annoyed and remind yourself that soon they will be an RA's problem.

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But as the days dwindle away, you realize you'll miss your baby.

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So you relax and cherish every moment together.

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Until move-in day arrives and all hell breaks loose.

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Nothing fits in the car.

The drive there is terrible.

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And the dorm room isn't exactly what you pictured.

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You meet their dorm mates and worry what kind of trouble they'll get your child into.

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Before you know it, it's time to leave.

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You wrap them in the tightest hug and give them the biggest kiss, not caring what anyone thinks.

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You hold back the tears until you reach the car, and the breakdown begins.

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As you drive, you realize you spent the last 18 years raising an amazing person.

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A sense of pride comes over you, because, let's be honest, you did a great job!

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So celebrate those accomplishments in your new empty nest.

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Because it won't be long before they're home and begging you to do their laundry.

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