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Share Your Mommy Stories!

Being a mother is my greatest joy. It's taught me unconditional love, patience, humility and not to sweat the small stuff. While most of my parenting style is instinctual or based on my role models' behaviors, I still have, "Why didn't anybody tell me?!" moments.

No one ever told me being a mother would entail having crazy dreams, cleaning poop from the bathtub, mastitis or night sweats. And they certainly didn't tell me I'd suffer mush brain for real.

Of course, knowing I'm not alone and these experience are just part of motherhood and allow me the joy of watching my daughter grow makes it all worthwhile. So dear readers, I ask you to share your funny, wild and crazy stories (you know you have them!) about the things you didn't expect. Just join the Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me group and share your tales. I promise not to judge.

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