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Anonymous Good Samaritan Eases Life For Mom of Five

It's not often that a mom gets to experience the feeling of being taken care of, but Starlie Becote's story is enough to make you believe that guardian angels are out there, even for parents!

Late last year, when the single mom of five was struggling financially on her $13.65-per-hour job, an anonymous stranger made a gesture that changed her life. After reading about her in an article on how the recession was impacting the holiday season for families, the stranger wired $35,000 to the U.S. Department of Education to pay off Becote's student loans and also sent her a $5,000 check to help with expenses.

The gift was meant to arrive in time for Christmas, but bank regulations delayed it until March. No matter to Becote; she's just plain grateful that someone showed her such tremendous kindness. As she told USA Today: "I can't believe anything like that ever happened to me in my life."

Read more (USA Today).

Source: USA Today
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Chrisdee Chrisdee 3 years
Congratulations to Starlie! What a blessing. Annemarie, my ex husband's cousin left his wife of 15 years with FIVE CHILDREN as a single mom. She had not planned on being a single mother to five children; however, sometimes we as women are placed in situations we did not plan for. I myself, am a single mother of two. Did I expect my ex to walk out on us after 12 years? I was married for five years before we even had children. That said, please carefully consider your assumptions before making statements.
JenniferCarlson70367 JenniferCarlson70367 3 years
This comment is in response to annemarieconolly's question: Why does she have FIVE children in the first place??? Dear Annemarieconolly: WHY do you feel you have a right to question her choice of family size? Just because she's single now doesn't mean she was always single. This mother is not only working her buns off RAISING five kids by herself, but she's also going to college and you must jump to the conclusion that she was ALWAYS poor and single. I am a single mother of SEVEN (white kids, just FYI, not that it makes ANY difference but I don't want you thinking it's always some black woman, because I'm white) and honey, let me tell you, I was not always poor, and not always single. Maybe she USED TO BE married and maybe her husband USED TO HAVE a good job. Ever think of that? You know what you do when you ASSUME, right?
TiffanyAulbach TiffanyAulbach 3 years
That is amazing! What a huge difference this person has made in every one of the lives of that family! This truly helps restore my faith that there are good people out there. May the karma come back to this person ten-fold.
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 3 years
Wonderful! God bless this good samaritan's act of kindness.
annemarieconolly annemarieconolly 3 years
why does she have FIVE children in the first place????
TaraLalwani TaraLalwani 3 years
The Lord looks after every ones needs . We have to just have faith .
CoMMember13613660115019 CoMMember13613660115019 3 years
So happy for her! :)
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