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A Sweet, Sprinkles-Inspired Second Birthday Party

Sep 14 2012 - 6:43am

Two-year-old Piper Jane has a notorious love of sweets, so her mom — Kirstin Gentry of Kojo Designs [1] — wasn't surprised when she requested "sprinkles" as the theme of her birthday party. "Her sweet tooth is renowned in these parts (second only to her mama's), so a sprinkle party is perfectly suited for her second birthday celebration," Kirstin says. What could have turned into a pretty straightforward party became supercreative in Kirstin's hands. "Sprinkled" accessories, sweet signage (now available through Kojo Designs' Etsy shop [2]), fun and easy activities, and some awesome decor (confetti-filled balloons and yarn pom-pom garlands) have turned this theme into one of our new favorites. Check out all the gorgeous girlie details — and just try not to crave something sprinkled!

Source: Kojo Designs [3]

Dessert Table

A sprinkled sensation! The dessert table was stocked with sprinkle-dipped strawberry wafers, dark chocolate and white chocolate sprinkle-dipped pretzels, sprinkled doughnut holes, vanilla cupcakes with sprinkled toppers [4], sprinkled animal cookies, and sprinkle-dipped marshmallows. "An apothecary cabinet made a great treat backdrop, and the patterned backing inside the cabinet is wrapping paper," Kirstin says. Signage from Kojo Designs' printable party package [5] added to the cuteness.

Source: Kojo Designs [6]

Party Decor

"The white tent was made party-ish with a fabric chandelier (an embroidery hoop with fabric panels extending to the edges of the tent), a cluster of white tissue paper poms, and a cheerful yarn pom-pom garland (which might get a new home over Piper Jane's big-girl bed someday)," Kirstin says.

Source: Kojo Designs [7]

Confetti Balloons

"Clear balloons filled with confetti and sprinkles added to the 'happy birthday' vibe," Kirstin says. "As an added bonus, the sprinkle-filled balloons doubled as shakeable toys. Those balloons must just scream, 'Shake me!' to little passersby."

Source: Kojo Designs [8]


Kirstin made her own ruffle cake and sprinkle cake topper. Get the tutorial here [9].

Source: Kojo Designs [10]

Sprinkle-Dipped Wafers

An easy DIY [11] dessert with big visual payoff.

Source: Kojo Designs [12]

Sprinkle-Dipped Marshmallows

Sprinkle-topped cookies get fancy when displayed in a beautiful glass jar.

Source: Kojo Designs [13]

Sprinkle Doughnut Holes

Another favorite sprinkles vehicle, doughnuts, also made an appearance at the party.

Source: Kojo Designs [14]

Nature's Sprinkles

Because a child cannot exist on sprinkles alone . . . "I'll be honest: the sweets were more popular than the veggies," Kirstin says.

Source: Kojo Designs [15]

Dressed-Up Milk

"The party (or at least the second-birthday, all-dessert party) drink of champions, milk, was served in sprinkle-rimmed cups," Kirstin says. Colorful striped and dotted straws from Target completed the look.

Source: Kojo Designs [16]

Sprinkle the Plants

"Who would’ve thought that eight spray bottles from the dollar bin at Target were the answer to all of my party-game needs?" Kirstin says. "The party guests were absolutely enthralled. They sprayed the garden, the grass . . . even each other. Eight dollars very well spent."

Source: Kojo Designs [17]

Sprinkle the Paper

"Crayons plus paper equals one fabulous coloring station," Kirstin says. "The little guests 'sprinkled' the paper with all sorts of lines and dots and letters. Fabulous."

Source: Kojo Designs [18]


A sprinkle-filled sign displayed a "favors" sign, part of Kojo Designs' printable party package [19].

Source: Kojo Designs [20]

Sprinkle Yourself With Accessories

"Guests chose from colorful bow ties (made using my favorite bow tie tutorial [21]) and barrettes adorned with sprinkle buttons," Kirstin says. "My cabochon earring collection was even put to good use pinning the favor barrettes in place. (Don’t worry; I had a little bowl out to collect them once people took their favors and didn't lose a single earring)."

Source: Kojo Designs [22]

Sprinkle Accessories

Learn how to make your own sprinkle accessories through Kojo Designs' tutorial [23].

Source: Kojo Designs [24]

Bow Ties

Colorful patterned bow ties made using this bow tie tutorial [25].

Source: Kojo Designs [26]

Cookie Favors

Shortbread sprinkle cookies in round cookie packages (available through Kojo Designs [27]) also worked as favors. "I tried to make sure every kiddo headed out the door with an ever-so-popular spray bottle in one hand and a cookie (or two) in the other," Kirstin says. "I'm sure their parents loved me on the ride home."

Source: Kojo Designs [28]

Sprinkles For the Road

"Each family also took home a jar of sprinkles," Kirstin says. "The labels read 'Sprinkle With Love' with each family's name."

Source: Kojo Designs [29]

Birthday Girl Piper Jane

Decked out in some sprinkle accessories — a sprinkle barrette and sprinkle corsage — the birthday girl fit right in with the sprinkle decor.

Source: Kojo Designs [30]

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