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Stroller Costumes: Outfitting Baby's Halloween Ride!

Oct 29 2016 - 5:13pm

What child wants to walk when he's got a decked-out Halloween [1] ride? Trick-or-treating with a stroller can be a bit of a pain when it comes to running up and down stairs in search of loot, but when a younger sibling is tagging along with her big brother for the night, it's often the only option. If your little one needs some wheels to make it through the night, then a decorated stroller is the way to go. Check out some fun homemade creations other mamas have made — and some that are available for purchase in time for Halloween, too.

Cabbage Patch Kid

This strolling Cabbage Patch Kid may be the most life-like doll to date!

Garden Variety

Take the no-stress approach to Halloween [2] this year and order up this sweet premade Flower Cart stroller costume [3] ($45) that fits over your umbrella stroller like a slipcover. It even includes a cozy hooded tee accented with petals for your babe to cruise in floral style.

School Bus

The wheels on this bus from Inhabitots [4] go round and round all around the neighborhood. The cardboard box, which is painted in nontoxic paint, fits right over the stroller.

Casino Dealer

They're never too young to learn a good card game!

Frog Prince

You can't stop smooching your little guy or girl, so why not spread the love? Give your little frog prince (or princess) [5] a proper showcase for their sweetness in a stroller turned kissing booth.


Float another lily or a swan on a peaceful pond stroller cover inspired by this one by Etsy's MapleTree2000.

Sesame Street

Elmo grew a big mouth for this stroller costume where Elmo eats up Cookie Monster!

An Alien

This alien swallowing a little baby is quite unique!

Lobster in a Pot

Aww, this lobster is too cute to eat!


If your baby has a wild streak, deck them out in this devilishly fun stroller costume [6] ($45). It comes with a flame-covered stroller cover and devil hoodie for the little cruiser.

Annie — Thomas's Coach

If you've got a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, then this Annie coach costume for a younger sibling's stroller is perfect!

Pirate Ship

Just say "ahoy" to a stroller-ready pirate ship inspired by this one by Etsy seller MapleTree2000.

Monkey in Banana Tree

Your little monkey can swing right in the comfort of his own seat and nosh on bananas in a bright jungle of a costume like this one.

A Tank

Many mamas feel like they're driving a tank when they stroll with their carriages, so why not turn it into one for Halloween [7]?

Strawberry Patch

Strawberry fields are forever when you get a pic of your mini me decked out in red and sitting in a sunny patch of a stroller costume.

An iPhone

This clever costume makes baby look like a photo screen saver!

A Jungle

This lion-in-the-jungle costume is easy to re-create: just outfit the stroller in vines and branches, and dress your little one up as a lion!

The F Train

This Brooklyn-loving tot got a ride on his favorite subway line during Halloween [8].

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