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Super Bowl Gear for Baby

Battle of the Onesies This Super Bowl Sunday

Before baby, the Super Bowl meant meeting at a bar or friend's house where alcohol was consumed in mass quantity and cheering and jeering was in full effect. Nowadays, it's a completely different ballgame.

Thank heaven for DVR because if I had to watch the Super Bowl in real time, I would miss all of the action and the commercials that are apparently worth $2.7 to 3 million a pop. With a child in tow, all we can do is watch the game from our couch with some chips and dip since we are apparently now dorks.

So uncool that I would consider dressing my babe up in Super Bowl gear as part of my afternoon entertainment. My team may not be in the game on Sunday, but I just might put her in a Giants onesie. In my defense, no pun intended, I am an ex–New Yorker. So I have some loyalty to the big apple and it gives me reason to heckle my Patriot loving pals.

Would you doll your child up in your team's gear?

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