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Problem Solved: Solutions To Your Kids' Top 5 Swimming Pool Conundrums

Jun 15 2015 - 10:56am

If the highlight of your kids' Summer is time spent at the pool, don't let a few pesky postswim problems ruin their day in the sun. With just a bit of advance planning and some basic knowledge of what's causing the issues, you can prevent whatever's ailing your little ones. Heed our advice for solving these five pool-related problems, then tell them to dive on in, worry-free!

Swimsuit Snags and Fading

Pool Problem: With the amount of time that kids spend in their swimsuits during the Summer, it's no wonder that they're susceptible to snags and fast fading.

Smart Solution: The cement surface that surrounds most pools is prime for snagging. If your kids are sitting by the side of the pool, try to get a towel under their little bums. According to VIP Cleaners [1], you should always hand-wash suits with mild detergent, and be sure to rinse thoroughly. To dry, gently roll the suit in a towel to remove excess water, then allow it to air dry (away from the sun).

Source: Flickr user Ed Yourdon [2]

Green Hair

Pool Problem: While chlorine can have damaging effects on all colors of hair, blondes are especially susceptible to discoloration . . . and really, who wants green hair?

Smart Solution: Ultra Swim [3] has been around forever — for good reason. Come Summer time, swap it for your kids' regular shampoo, and use a leave-in conditioner to restore moisture. If they're in the pool constantly and have light-colored hair, a swimming cap is a good idea.

Source: Flickr user Tony Crider [4]

Red Eyes

Pool Problem: Chlorine exposure can leave eyes red, stinging, and/or puffy.

Smart Solution: The Mayo Clinic's best advice is to try to get your kids to wear goggles [5] in the pool. If that doesn't work (or they're unwilling), rinse their eyes out with a sterile eyewash or artificial tear solution immediately after they return from the pool.

Source: Flickr user Rona Proudfoot [6]

All-Over Chlorine Irritation

Pool Problem: Sensitive, dry skin is particularly prone to "chlorine itch" or "chlorine rash."

Smart Solution: Get your kids to rinse off in the shower immediately after they've been in a swimming pool. Use cool water and a basic, natural soap. Afterwards, apply a heavy moisturizing or anti-itch cream.

Swimmer's Ear

Pool Problem: Swimmer's ear is an inflammation of the ear canal [7] that's caused when water, sand, or other debris accumulate and cause the growth of bacteria or fungus, according to Everyday Health.

Smart Solution: Keep ears dry by gently tipping the head from side to side after each swim. Dry the outer ear with a soft towel or cloth to get rid of any residual water. The Mayo Clinic suggests applying a teaspoon of a homemade solution of one part white vinegar and one part rubbing alcohol [8] to each ear to facilitate drying and help prevent the growth of bacteria. The pediatrician can also prescribe medicated ear drops if the damage is already done.

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