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Tell Mommy: Your Kid's Craziest Accident

Tell Mommy: Your Kid's Craziest Accident

Let's face it, kids have lots of fluids and well, sometimes they end up all over the floor. While the incidents can be funny in retrospect, they usually aren't while occurring. My husband packed our infant daughter in the Baby Bjorn and stopped in an upscale art gallery to take a peek at their pieces. The sales clerks cooed over our child until she projectile vomited all over the shop. Mortified, her daddy apologized profusely to the staffers who were awed by her action.

My son's moment came last Christmas while I was carting the kids through the rain and into the mall only to notice he had an accident that soiled ALL of his clothing. I couldn't put my baby back in the car, so I headed to Target's restroom where I had no choice but to strip him down, wipe the mess up as best as I could and then rinse him off in the sink. Once he was clean, I put him in a fresh diaper, strapped him in the stroller and dressed him in a new outfit I bought at the store. Then, we finished our holiday shopping.

When kiddie accidents happen, parents have to grin and bear it — what was yours?

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